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On the frank beckmann show seven sixty wjr news marie osborne alabania doctor and seven other people have been charged in a multi milliondollar conspiracy to distribute prescription drugs dr zongli chang and others are accused of distributing eighteen million dollars in prescription drugs from january of 2012 1202 may of 2017 officials say changro prescriptions for controlled substances including opioids to a fake patience icy conditions are being blamed for one car accent than involved the onduty detroit police officer this morning the six two year old officer listed in critical condition with a head injury he's been a deep pd officer for thirty two years the accident happened on southbound seventy five at verner in southwest detroit clinton township police continue their investigation of a failed shooting at a business on groesbeck near fifteen mile police say to people were shot one was killed police are still on the scene and one person is in custody canton residents and dog owners are on edge after a family dog was attacked by what's believed to have been aci yoji a surveillance video showed would appear to be a coyote crawling your own a home your cherry hill mbek road gale lewis as she let her jack russell terrier out and less than a minute later her dog vicky was bleeding badly from his neck their one was very severe and the pet had to be put down the vet says it looked like a coyote was to blame canton police urge residents to be on the lookout and keep their pets close just last week and other small dog was killed by what's believed to have been a coyote roaming north ville kimber goes kwjr news healthcare workers at sparrow hospital had a new threeyear contract nearly twenty three hundred nurses and other health care professionals had been working without a contract a and they approve this threeyear deal the lansing journal reports the union reach that agreement in december.

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