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Bill that would allow teachers in Florida to carry guns in the classroom expected to be signed into law. Now, it's advances to the governor's desk after being passed sixty five to forty seven the Florida house just yesterday, Tallahassee the Senate approved the measure twenty two to seventeen they thought the opponents of this thing thought, the only hope to shoot it down. So to speak was going to be in the Senate nut. So anyway, so here's the breakdown. It's going to allow school districts to decide if teachers can participate in the voluntary guardian program after passing it's a one hundred and forty four hour. Training course, now the big question goes to governor rod Santa's I can't I can't remember has he talked about this supporting this thing in the past. You know, I know that Vic Scott did. But Scott definitely, but I'm telling you now, the teachers Broward County already saying, we're not doing it. Yeah. And it's it's the there's a lot of misinformation about this thing. Already probably by design. There's a lot of propaganda out there on both sides, really. But it's totally voluntary. And said it is a hundred forty four hour training program. But still that's a lie as far as gun training goes. I think that is a lot of hours actually, but still to get a permit. Don't you just fire one bullet? And they give it to you believe. So I don't know. But I'm thinking back to a lot of teachers I had wouldn't want Amar, but it comes to this. We're only even talking about this because we haven't done enough to secure these schools like our buddy Andy Pollack says soft targets this never would've come up the the idea at some. I totally get it think it's totally preposterous to even arm. Teachers. I get that this only came up because they didn't do anything to security schools. Nothing's been done. And then there's the thought of sending your child to school and not knowing if they're gonna come home. That's terrifying for parents. But realize the answer me can't we put actual real law. And I know it's it's expensive by the teachers there to teach the what reading writing and arithmetic the three RS, right? So I mean, unless they're former military perhaps or they served on this team at sometime in their past. I don't know. It's just easy for maybe a student to get a hold of the gun or it could fall out of the desk. How do you secure it in a late fraught with problems? I never thought of his ankle until somebody brought it up to us. I call her running up to aside. He was like even before Christmas when this idea I came up the tea it was from a teacher who is anonymous did not want the pressure of having to even question whether or not he or she has to go through this program. It's like another thing they gotta worry about right, right? It should be out of their hands the schools should be secure. Anyway, it's like with a police officer who shoots someone you. You get your administrative leave you have to go through the court process. Right. Maybe they accidentally shoot the wrong per, you know, then there's legal. They're legal jeopardy journey that story yesterday. And and it can happen to anybody mistakes can happen. But that was that school resource officer in Pasco county was just leaning up. Against the wall and has gone went off accidents do happen. I'm not saying that that would be like, you know, par for the course at all. But they do happen. This security should happen outside the classroom. They should be at the guard gate. I love the idea of canine dogs on campus. Whatever it is. Yeah. But to even bring this up means we've totally failed. Course we can't have metal detectors because it takes too long to get all three thousand kids for the metal detector every morning. God it'd be like TSA tried to get a math class. I just want to take my test. We're to be late for my flight to miss. Arithmetic? So I don't know this is going to be hotly debated issue though. But this is I think of all the issues that the governor do Ron Ron Ron to Santa says on his desk. This is going to be the most controversial so far. This might be as big as test on airplanes you have air marshalls. A you don't know which one is the air marshal. But you if you know the teacher might be armed than their target. Right. Well, that's. Who it is? And if they are armed, and it's a tough issue because I wouldn't want to listen, if you're a teacher, and this is your career you want to have to leave that, but you're afraid for your own safety in school. I don't want to take your right to carry got away. His why this is so sticky at like, I said it never should've gotten to this point schools should have been secured already. So teachers don't have to worry about this. Absolutely. Yep. All right. We had it streamed live, and there were some laugh out loud funny moments. I heard people down the hall yesterday like late morning when the bar testimony was happening where it was just he was so calm, cool, and collected some of these questions and some people are going on like what he just absolutely shutdown Dianne Feinstein from California that was beautiful, but what has gotten into this lady? This is just like the cavenaugh hearings. This mazy Hirono from Hawaii. Oh, boy, she is something special here. What did she say? After the cabinet hearing men, just sit down and shut up, man. You have no opinion just sit down and shut up. Let's keep in mind that a lot of these critics like comma Harris who bar has no credibility. They all believed Christine Blasi Ford like hook line and sicker. They said she had complete credibility. So. Top one hundred people of the year. Oh, absolutely. All sure. Absolutely. Right. I just don't know. One quad. Rated her story buddy Senator Hirono. She went right to the resign issue. Oh, yeah. We don't like the results of the report. So we want you to quit as attorney general. That's what she got to the United States is a sacred trust. You have betrayed that. Trust America deserves better. You should resign. And she called him a liar. He didn't respond to that one. But I wish she did what she just sat through my. No, he needs this. He's he was already the attorney general before under George H W Bush. Okay. So and the bushes hate Trump. So right. What's you know? There's really no affiliation there whoever. There's no you can't tie anything tangentially to that. I'm sorry. I just got a jumping. Because after hearing that I just thought to myself what the hell is she talking about? What what is what is she? You're talking about a couple of times don't. What is what they were talking about the early who who was she talking to the situation she thinks she was back at like, a different court case just just just resign. Like what you say. So just resigned. That's what they go to admonish her. Yeah, he did. And did. So in a great way. Now, this is where William bar was perfect. Can you imagine Jeff Sessions in this situation? If it had gotten to that, I I think he would have published a thing piecemeal, and they would have attacked would have been a hearing a week. It would have been a total nightmare, and they just would have gotten up there and said I recused myself from this hearing, and I just wanna go home, and by the way, marijuana's bad that would have been a nightmare. He would never have called Muller up and said, hey, Bob, what's with the letter. No running. I remember bar offered Muller to read the letter before he put it out the four page letter. Jim next segment coming up. We're going to get to that too. Where bar? Yeah. Exactly. Right. Karen? He did say that he say do you want to do this? What are your what exactly are your main concerns? It's not like Muller was sandbagged by his own report here. They're trying to completely twist this around. Anyway, I don't think anybody believes it. We'll get to the CNN CNN zone poll says nobody buys the what the Democrats are slinging here their own poll. Get that to talk about coming up in a couple of minutes as well. As to the jeopardy champ. Do it again, do we have James wholesaler making more money? It's a little tease for a couple of minutes away. Keep it here. Next these cellphone a morning show. A lot of traffic.

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