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Hundred percent usda certified now slow mayo seaworld trey so wuss with acacia general sick gaza all right real time with bill maher we could go yesterday show a week ago friday two students the two student activist xu have gotten all the media attention the media darlings david hogg and cameron caskey now you recall that cameron caskey was the student at these cnn town hall the part of the student youth that looked at senator rubio senator marco rubio and prefaced his statement by saying when i look at you it's like looking down the barrel of an ak forty seven now if i was senator rubio i would have stopped that kid dead in his tracks it's a way we're we're wait what do you mean by that and i would have flushed it out from him and i would have gone right after him saying you know you can disagree with me on my gun policy but don't ever equate me with the murderer or any other terrorist that would murder kill victimize students or any other american i find that to be disrespectful and very offensive now you want to challenge me on any other position fine but that cameron caskey as soon as i heard that my response by first thing i said was that millennial needs to get his ask kick because clearly the kid has no respect and his parents allow this nonsense since to happen and it finally got to um the moderator jake tapper who finally when when when caskey kept mouthing off finally tapper had enough and said okay cameron undof exactly what he said you could tell he was getting a little fostered heart so this is a we could go friday the parkland student activists cameron caskey the demand for action from politicians hit it with the march we want americans to stop being afraid of demanding our politicians to take action they work for us we don't work for them and the margin.

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