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Jason snow doing a little different kind of download today. Trying stuff out its new year. New download as the as the old. Maybe if we like it. And if we don't we won't do it this way, and we'll do something else instead, but never resting always wondering what was going to go on. We're gonna talk about some of those headlines that we talked about. And then later you heard me later, we will be joined by caroliina Milanesi and vendor hardware to talk about CAS stuff. A little bit, TV smart assistance. And we're also going to talk about stream media net flicks, raising its prices and some other stuff. But before there, we will do some of what we think are the most interesting stories of the week little highlights just for you. We used to do a podcast called sub net you and I- Stephen, and it's gone. Now, we did. So we're gonna talk about headlines here. See how that goes? Yeah. A lot of. Apple headlines. I don't always want the show to be about apple. But apple there's a lot of apple stuff going on this week that we probably should talk about the battery replacement program last year. There was less skepticism about went him. Cook mentioned the battery replacement program is one of the reasons why Apple's results were not what what they were expecting. They were going to be. We'll find out the actual results in a couple of weeks. But John Gruber, our friend over during fireball did what he always does which is dropped news sort of subtly and just mentioned. Oh, yeah. Here's something. I heard that nobody's reported about which was that Tim cook. Apparently, according to John Gruber told apple employee's that they replaced eleven million batteries under the twenty nine dollar battery replacement program deal that they offered in twenty eighteen now as somebody who knows people in various apple retail stores. I had already heard that basically the apple retail stores were. Swamped without a replacement that it was an enormous problem actually for staffing and for efficiency at apple stores because so many people were bringing those phones, and I think a lot of us heard as the program ended in December that a lot of people rushing to the apple store in December to get in for the cheaper price. Right under the wire. And so I wasn't surprised by this at all. But it does have these interesting ramifications not only potentially that they were doing it at a loss. But the larger implication that this is apple by trying to avoid a scandal about like slowing down your phone. When your battery is bad educating a big portion of its audience that when your phone slows down instead of buying a new iphone, you should just go to the apple store and get new battery. Yeah. It's hugely interesting. I mean antidote Elise. I'm leaving with that. It seemed like the people I knew upper retail and going into the store that they were throughout the year really busy with the battery replacement program. And I think to your point that only sped up the end of the year. I know people in my family being December's. Like, hey, if you haven't done this yet, go ahead and do it. And I think they're couple interesting things one was apple surprised by how many people did it actually came in and got their battery placed imagine sometimes throughout the year. They had an idea of what the number would be, but if a year ago, and it started there was a battery shortage and they had to like ramp battery production, and you would go and get your basically your place in line. They would call you. When the battery came in, you know, eight or nine days later than you do it. They got that under control in December. At least at least in my store with my family members. It was come in. You get done an hour, and then you leave. So I do wonder if the volume of customers was higher than apple anticipated and how they adjusted for that. But to for me, at least, the the this number this eleven million shows that it was the right decision that apple did something, you know, they kind of got caught in this really bad situation. But the way they handled it was the right way. Because people responded, positively to it, you know, eleven that's a lot of iphones getting cracked up and having batteries put in them. And that's good for the customers..

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