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But when you dig deeper into You know given the business. Because i initially. I'll tell you right now. Initially when i heard i was like okay. I got this because i. I don't know what's going on club is not that bad broom countdown. Man that bad. But you know you gotta look into a little bit deeper and then you'll see you where his beef is at. You will all right good stuff. Villas your manolo. Y'all are amazing. If you want to start a podcast by yourself. What i'm he won't be as good but y'all be doing something he's doing. Something gal yellow. Yeah wow another backhanded compliment. I gotta chris king. You're greatest first rob. Hopefully i've ever seen where he going name his next this album. Nominal if this is your first time this is the park s. Or if you've listened multiple times please. Subscribe to the podcast. We try to entertain you guys as much as possible. We're trying to bring to heat kwame brown. We're trying to give you enter -taining content entertaining episodes. We put a lot of time into ponies episodes together. So we entertain you. Please subscribe on our website. News channel sports that net new channels. Build any you channel. Sports are on any major podcast platform available. Check us out on afro lives. Tv as well. Download the roku app so that you can check us out of africa. Live tv after lives also. Has an app the you can download and you can check it out. Check us out there as well. You can check out all of our episodes on the afro labs app to check out one through whatever episode that we have and see our comments there and cr takes. There's well follow us on pod being because we're gonna be given our listeners the to interact with us very very soon is into works. We're going to have our listeners. Call in and talk about sports topics as well. So please do that. So you can connect with any low and. Chris subscribed her youtube. Follow us on instagram. Follow us on twitter. That i miss anything seemed like a lot. Goddamn i got all right. This has been the one and only owe any big low coming down town and the phenomenal one. Chris was good and we'll be out until next time piece. Thanks for listening to the new channel. Sports podcast if you like to show feel free to leave a comment and a five star ratings. Your support is very much appreciated. Also don't forget to subscribe on apple. Podcasts stitcher pod beat four on our website new channels sports dot net. That's new channel spelt n. u. channel sports dot net got us sports related question for the crew. Just leave a voicemail on our website till next time. Have a good one and stay safe out there..

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