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W B Z Boston's news radio Back to the phones we go. Let's goto less in Bill Rika. Less welcome. You are next on the rink Central. Nice. I call a line reacting To the death penalty. If Beth Death penalty delayed for a bomber number two. Go ahead. Go ahead, Lis. No thanks to you, and to take my call I just to commission making quick one is I know you said that the federal judge very insulated, but our federal government just recently started. Uh, executing people. Um again? Yes, sir. Federal crime in a while. It's been a while and I'm I'm not sure if that had had any, um He's changed in the view of these three judges on maybe getting this changed of things Interesting course. Interesting question. I don't think so. I mean, I think that these judges would be smart enough to know that The Trump Administration, you know, wanted to begin the A CZ used that, you know, renew the execution process, And obviously it has been permitted, you know, by the Supreme Court its renewal All right? I don't think so. I think that these judges probably looked at this case. And as they say, when I say insulated, you know they're not going through. They're not living the same life that most of us did. Now, look, I know that there was a horrific incident. Ah ah couple of weeks ago in New Jersey with some nut job went and killed two members of a federal judge his family in New Jersey. But for the most part they live pretty Reno that there there Park underground. You know, they they they have you when you become a federal Appeals court judge. Um you certainly have shown your ability to understand the law. Read the law. You're an accomplished lawyer to even be nominated, so I'm not in any way, shape or form trying to undercut their qualifications. I just think that I wonder how much they took into consideration the implications of the decision for the for the families of the surviving victims, Indiana My second point is, I think we're in the current climate of the funding a police that people forget that the Belmont Watertown police worthy Protecting its terrorists. That night after Sean Collier was killed, and we look to the police to take care of this issue in the Boston police, all the police about excuses that were involved in it did an outstanding job. And when you think about who you're gonna vote for that they're on a defund Our police officers just think about that night. Well, we've talked about that A couple of times this week is a matter of fact. On Wednesday night, we had to, really, I would I would consider to be extraordinary police officers. I don't know if you what if you listened 29 o'clock hour. Those police officers Mario Olivera of Somerville and Bob to Napoli of Woburn. They were both shot. They both literally came very close to dying. I think, marry all of area. One of them. I think literally died on the operating table and they revived me. These was serious, serious career ending injuries and this is what these these men and women face every day and And you had two police officers. You know Sean Collier from MIT who lost his life. He was killed by by these creeps. And then there was a Boston police officer. Dennis Dee Jay Simmons, who suffered head injuries, and he Expedia died less than a year later. So they were really two police officers, three civilians and scores scores of a fellow Bostonians. Seriously injured inmate inmate and in some cases right in a day. And you know, just to get back to the public of of In front of the police. I think we're the worst thing we could do, and I I want to say that I appreciate every police officer in a woman that are up there protecting everybody. Um and I was totally and ah Whole thing, putting the The victims through it again. Hello appeals process that maybe later on other political quietly decided that maybe we should give him full or anything like that. That's why I really hope that in your mind like crows goes through with it. And the sentencing stand. Oh, yeah. 20 years from now, Look, there are things that are changing now in this world in terms of crime and punishment, where You know, it's it's It's not. It is not inconceivable that there could be that this guy still I know it will say they would say sense. A life in prison. Never see the light of day. I would hope they're right. But who knows? Who knows? What President? You know, Alexandria Cassio Cortez might might decide. I mean, if Donald Trump can Commute the sentence of Roger Stone is it said, not conceivable that there could be some crazed president going forward. It's not beyond the nothings were beyond the realm of possibility. I think we're learning that in this year 2020 Thank you. Thank you. And thank you for giving me the the voice or the place to have my voice. So I really appreciate it. Then That's the whole purpose of this show and will remain the purpose of this show until the day I signed off from my final time, which hopefully is no time soon, Okay. Thanks, Les. Have a great night. Let it go to drew in Roxbury Hydro. Welcome. Next on night side. How are you? Good. How you again? I'm doing great. Drew. If I had the pleasure of you calling before, No No. First on call Central. Nice that, Colin, Go ahead. Drew. You got the microphone. That's all right. Two points, two statements. The first thing is there it regardless, whatever occurs. What happens is that If you change of venue, whatever the cases. He's still going to be found guilty. We already know he's guilty, but he's going to be found. The death penalty tank is going to stand. I don't care what he change it. Will you go to whatever the case is so drew, I hope I hope you're right, my friend. Listen. The tragedy is the fact that now that because there's already a done deal, they've already said that they're going to pursue it and they're going to investigate it more. They're going to do all this other stuff. But the reality is that now the families have to go through this thing again. Yeah, By the way, are you welling who's the U. S Attorney has not said that I agree with you. I think that he will pursue the case. But what happens if a couple of the families and there was one family already? Martin Richard's family? Who has said, you know, we don't believe in the death penalty. Ah, you know, it's it's not inconceivable through that they might say, Look, the families have been through enough. The victims. There are people today walking around without limbs on DH have gone through, you know, years years of rehabilitation, and it's conceivable. It's not inconceivable. Let me put it like that that end Alleline might Come to a conclusion that it's not worth it. It's possible. It's still possible. He hasn't He hasn't made his pronouncement yet. So we'll say you might be right. I hope you're right. Whoa! I'm telling when, afterwards after this conversation as it dang trance by, we're going to see I'm just telling you that you change of venue. Whatever you do. Is gonna be the same outcome. Whoever sits down on a jury would have the cases they're going to say no, no, no, no. That's like executing whatever the case is, what eventually is going to happen? Even in the family who I hope you're right. If you and I were on the jury, I think that would be a decision. But I sure hope you're right. All right. So now here, right. So here is my second statement. My second statement. Is that me? Personally, I believe that that's the easy way out. If this guy's put to death, all right, I believe that that's not good enough. That's not hear. I know your heart. Well, the penal system. I think that Um, environment. You don't get to see anybody. You don't get to do anything You spend years in years through his game bear with me for a second if he could. The problem with that is that that would be considered cruel and unusual punishment. Let's assume they say, I'm gonna put that guy in the hole for the rest of his life..

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