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I kinda feel that way about three billboards to be honest which is another movie people have spent a lot of time uh arguing about what we're gonna we're gonna name our our final performance is here and i'm going to start with a elizabeth moss in the handmaid's tale this is kind of this kind of pairs with daniel kalou in a weird way because this is another project where it wouldn't work without her salt literally the visual style that show is pinning the camera to her face so that you're seeing every microchip her she makes because it is it it is a movie or it's a tv show i should say about a world where women are not allowed exterior already so they have to like have only interior already it's one of the few projects where i find like voice over not overly cloying or not overly explain what's happening but you almost wouldn't need it because elizabeth moss spaces conveying all the emotions in a perfect way i think it's one of the best cast tv shows i've seen in a long time in that everybody is perfect in their role but i i i had i shudder to think of like nobody else playing the lead character of of june slough shot off fred and i think that to me she gave kind of the tv performance of the year and i i i was happy to see that many other people agreed with me this is not exactly an under the radar performance but i think she santow stick come i don't know if either of you are handmaid's tale fans or detractors who i i think she's gray in it i will say that after having loved the first episodes a slowly trailed off and didn't finish the season just because there were times where i don't i think in some ways like the the way the more the story progress the less interested i was in the idea of how these characters might escape this topi in you know society i realize that this story has to go forward but for me the most compelling things were just how it laid out the reality of this society and this horrifying horrifyingly short amount of time between that and the flashbacks to this very normal seeming work.

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