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Doing the smart in smart speaker. Just say something like this. Hey, Alexa, play W RKO on my heart radio. It's that easy snow showers and wet roads out there. Crash being cleared in Chelsea Rule one south at the TOBA in the right lane blocked earlier crash still being cleared in Framingham Back east bound by Route nine. Bumper to bumper on the expressway South bound from the O'Neill Tunnel down to Savin Hill again slow right at the split Your slow through Braintree and Randolph in the lower end of 93 South Expressway, North was seeing delays between the Ponte it and South Bay slow through dead him on 1 28 north. I'm Dave Gardner and the W. R K O Traffic Center. This season's hottest collection is dropping just in time for lunch. Meat. Church's new always beat Texas tenders accessorized with butterfly shrimp. Thank you. Texas tenders and shrimp meal for just five bucks. Churches, bringing that down home flavor offer balloted participating locations now, W. RKO Weather Channel forecast afternoon talking with snow, continuing much of the afternoon and then tapering off this evening. That winter weather advisory until 10 o'clock, generally 4 to 6 inches of snow expected and our temperatures staying below freezing 29 the high Today tomorrow, the sun's out. We don't warm up much 30 to the high tomorrow Thursday's dry as well. Partly cloudy 28. Friday and Saturday. Still dry the temperatures remaining cold. I'm meteorologist Terry Smith from the Weather Channel on the Voice of Boston. Am 6 80. W. RKO. Here's Your Jill on money. Question of the day. Dave from Connecticut asks. I have no money.

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