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WBZ news time one Twenty-one, Illinois, attorney general Kwami Raoul yesterday joined attorneys general in nineteen other states and the district of Columbia in support of a transgender student who is suing a Florida school board for discrimination. A federal appeals court will soon determine if the policy in Saint Johns county, Florida of prohibiting transgender boys and girls from using restrooms designated for boys and girls, violates title, nine by discriminating against transgender students on the. Basis of sex evaporates, so teenager is in jail without bond after pleading not guilty to the murders of two other teens. It was a drug deal gone bad. According to Puerto county. Prosecutors they've charged seventeen year old Connor Kerner with the murders of eighteen year old Thomas grill junior and nineteen year old Molly Lanham, prosecutors say confidential informant told them Kerner admitted shooting grill after he tried to rob Kerner and then shot Lanham in Kerner grandparents. Home court documents indicate the informant told police Kerner put the bodies in land homes car and lit it on fire antsy hardy, NewsRadio one zero five point nine FM. The wish to do something. Good following last month's deadly shooting spree in Aurora took the form to yesterday a blood drive lined up to give blood at the western Lombard center hotel, not only to honor the five police officers wounded in the shootings at the Henry Pratt company plant as well as the sixth officer who was injured, but all first responders who went to the facility that day. Eva Lee is the executive director of talent, Illinois, which round the blood drive blood is needed. All the time. You know when we have a tragedy like Aurora. The donors come out the thing that's important to remember though, is that it takes twenty four to forty eight hours for blood to get on the shelf. Once it's donated five people were killed in the shooting spree before police say they killed the gunman in a shootout in Lombard. Jim good us. News Radio one zero five point nine FM. WBZ news time one twenty two hundreds of nurses and other professionals involved in the care of newborns. And their mothers gathered this week for the March of dimes forty fourth annual perinatal health conference in Lombard conference co-chair Addy Caprio, we are focusing on racial.

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