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And go for free but make sure you're scheduled for in november i've learned so much as sound like an order of talking about like i'm an expert i'm not they are that they've top eddie gossage for texas motor speedway coming up next at eight thirty to talk about dale jr junior's last race and so much more of duct rubber jeffers is in a definite death fighter spat if you will with a us senator bent sas from nebraska supposedly uh dr jefferson's not supposed to talk pollock ticks at the pulpit and you you you just don't wanna miss that one this one is he straight to the heart for me man a 45 meantime this just breaking tonight this is this is huge this is absolutely huge we have heard for months and months and months like a here we've heard collusion right russia russia russia collusion collusion collusion and the golden showers dossier i knew it russia closure russia collusion and the much has happened recently we find out that congress has now saying is now subpoenaing fusion gps the apple research company that got this whole golden showers dossier on trump fusion gps and and guess what congress just came out the other day and said republican could congressman said we're going to subpoena and actually i think they already did they initiated at we're going to subpoena your bank records because we're you're going to show we're gonna show we're gonna find out who paid for you to do this golden showers dossier to pull this fake crap up we wanna know who did it and once that happened this detonated crap started hitting the fan because then everybody knew it was on our time before comes out who's pain for who paid for and look at this.

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