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Its extended losses Tuesday following the weekends shocking primary election defeat for president Mauricio Macri the Pacers let another seven percent Tuesday after hitting a record low against the US dollar in Monday's session the result set off a shock wave in financial markets with Argentina stock market plunging as much as forty eight percent in the second biggest one day route globally since nineteen fifty but what does this mean for Argentina's burgeoning tech sector joining us on site from Italy to discuss started when I was our is founder Lisa Besser man that I started burners ares aims to connect and support startups and entrepreneurship in it when I was RG R. A.'s and despite the fact that you are right now is that in Italy first of all what kind of impact do you expect this to have on the check ecosystem there well a very big challenge a lot of uncertainty happening in Argentina at the moment especially when it deals with foreign investment that is a very huge component in the and I'm never going to deny and right now we don't know what's going on in and and you mentioned be local market plummeted B. down about thirty percent and information about the five percent so time and you know cautiously optimistic that we can continue with the current administration because ministration had been you know a lot and it's a program to support in Argentina policies supported it the tech sector in Argentina thus far the entrepreneur law companies earlier on in the creepy crawly hunting opportunities created it's been a huge step forward in terms of how the government is going to work and hello you can improve the local economy quite a few different programs in the local public which is between ten and thirty thousand people in the land of the free there's something called the independent meditational program different policies and programs and you have a need to serve the entrepreneurial market because you know that with that the pharmacy so what happens is these policies do not remain in place or that they are upset as well we need right now in the policy community in order to avoid any sort of the macro economic crazy and I think you know we're we're all hoping that the current administration does stay on record you remain a country that is looking toward being a part of the global capital markets doesn't happen then meeting challenge for him he know he turned and he never called me you know who could be everything you can either what happened what happened in in two thousand the start ups that have thrived the kinds of companies that have thrived there that's far you know you've got an emerging fintech Agnew tech sector crypto tell us more and I read in the nation and either anybody can tell you that industry in our country with there have been a lot of really successful and texture we are one of the first to go in there I'm currently and a lot a lot of the companies that are creating a new for a horn technology service and and the labor force because it is Argentina number one in technology all right we'll we'll continue to follow the situation as it unfolds there Lisa bass or men started when I'm sorry is founder thank you so much for joining us meantime has unveiled the third version of it video recording sunglasses spectacles three will allow users to record with two cameras instead of one they're also more than twice as expensive as the previous model three hundred eighty dollars a pair sap hasn't had much success with glasses so far it over estimated demand had to write down almost forty million dollars in inventory in its earlier versions of classes in twenty seventeen we work anticipation during points to file a public person for its IPO in this week talk about how much we work is worth as we wait this is Bloomberg okay your desk not your problem trying to get the latest business news every place you have to go do you think some of the central bank to doing all that they had correction that was a problem surprise this collaboration between GM and.

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