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When we visited jewel cave. It was an August Dan. We were driving to RV. Back East after being in Wyoming for most of July Our friend Kendall actually from Chicago he came down and flew out This was our neighbor that lived down the hall from us and it was just really cool because we just last minute he said. Hey how you guys doing and What are you guys up to? When can I join? You said you could join us after we are in Cheyenne. Just fly out and we'll drive back through Chicago and he's like Oh. I really wasn't expecting it to be that quick quick. And but he did it and it was just one of those really great times because we got to a lot of places in between the badlands. Mount Rushmore and NGO cave along the way yeah. It was a great a great time in altogether. It wound up being this really epic Americana Road trip I think all that was really missing was like Miley Cyrus Song Party. USA like blasting at full volume with our windows down. It really was their own little party. And we had a great time and there was especially nice to see Kendall again and Here's our first official guest in your V That we had a long like a traveling route. we've had people visit and see it before but no one really stayed with us. Like Kendall did It really made me feel like home again because we got to bond and just talking ketchup and this was like my best friend in Chicago like just go down into the the alleyway where his workshop was and I would talk to him. Just you know really relax and have such an amazing time. His company all the time time I wake how you you guys had hanging out in the alley. Oh Yeah that was the Nice Alley. It's not as creepy as I. It was beautiful. I mean it was remanded. Romantic in my eyes because the way that LOFTA set up. You know I mean when we say our Dream Loft. I mean it was crazy Kendall Kendall crazy with the okay yes And it was really nice too because this was more than a year into. RV`er knows about a year into our living. He was the first kind of friend to come out and like actually spend spend time and put the effort in which is like. It's about time not to like put pressure on her other friends and stuff and I'm like you guys we miss you and you. You missed us. You're constantly Tong. CMS US so how. `Bout you follow through and it's kind of hard though because like we are like like getting dark mean thrown at a moving target right. Yeah Yeah but I'm glad this worked out and it's definitely something we were needing and missing like you said and we had a great time visiting all these places together like we started in Cheyenne Wyoming coming at Cheyenne frontier days. This epic Rodeo and carnival which was spectacular and crazy and then going through rapid city and to Moines Iowa. And of course the this stop. They've decided to go book. RV Site in rapid city. which is the hub of the western part of South Dakota and accessible to all kinds of popular places like badlands and Mount Rushmore? Yeah I'm obsessed with rapid city of benefit times at this point and it's such a great place thriving there's so much to do there and and just the proximity to all these wonderful places is extraordinary hard to be. It's barely an hour from Joel Cave and the route to and from is also just superstar. You drive through the black hills and these sprawling pine forests and also these adorable historic towns like custer Kane. Yeah so Joe. Cave was our first stop on this trip. Because it's closest to the Wyoming border. We went on a week day. Didn't make any advanced reservations for any cave tours because as you can only do that on a first come first basis right there on site which is nice and it's fair. Yeah I think I actually prefer it that way because when we're at Carlsbad caverns together. I remember how unknowingly impossible it was to get tickets to most of the cave tourists because all the tickets had been snatched up like weeks prior up two months prior in some cases. Like I'm sorry but I don I don't make cave plans like a year in advance. Okay like I'm more of an impromptu caver I guess true yeah got to cave in the late morning and we were easily able to get three tickets to the door glanton tour which was a lot of fun. It was a real blast from the past. Yeah Oh definitely. I love any activity where I get to hold like this old time lantern turn Infield like a cave mining dwarf. Probably if I was going to be a one of the seven dollars I think it would be dopey. Let's be honest also. I think I'm I know currently as I'm recording. I'm wearing a hat that makes take dopey. It's like one of those like teal blue hats. It's a joke but it really is no but it's also worth noting that the tour is the only only offered during the summer from mid June through labor day and that's mostly because there is an unpaved trail you need to take to get to the store entrance with a bunch of uneven steps so I could see a gang really icy and snowy and so you just don't WanNa fall right. You don't WanNa be slipping down into the canyon. That's for sure but our tourist great. We got our tickets and we just had to wait around for about an hour before the tour started so we explored the visitor center which was awesome and had tons of information about the cave and the park including this shocking fact that you'll cave is apparently what's called a breathing cave meaning that air exits and enters the cave as atmospheric pressure changes kind of similar learn. How tides ebb and flow in the ocean? So I felt like I was walking into like Earth Slot. It was crazy we also learned a lot about the geology cave because all of those shimmering crystals didn't just show up overnight no not at all not at all most of the formation of the cave started with limestone deposited three hundred and fifty million years ago followed by more limestone in in sand stones. All of which were read it away during the geologic uplift as the black hills were farming and rising pathways started to take shape during during the Senate period as uplift continued and lowered the water table enough to clear things out and millions of years after that layers of calcium started to form along the cave walls about two point five million years ago. I mean it's a long time This is where those crystals started to form along with lots and lots of other cave formations like flow stone and stalactites and cave. Pearls in box works. Yeah and also a super rare K. formation called a hydro magnesite balloon. And and it's pretty much what it sounds like. They're made when gas inflates a malleable earth and substance. So essentially these were inflated when portions of the Cave for still delicate and pliable enough to be maneuvered maneuver by gases. Long Story Short. There's a ton to learn down there and not all underground. Apparently there was a major fire here in two thousand that burn ninety percents of the monument and he can still see lots of the remnants of those like ravaged trees in the forest surrounding the visitor center and along the road leading to the park. Yeah before we got here right never even heard of this fire or knew that happened. But it's like immediately in abundantly clear. Is You're driving theory Alex. Something happened and it's horrific. It was called the Jasper fire. It's spread to more than eighty three thousand acres of this beautiful black hills land. The park was evacuated of course enclosed for several days and National Park Service. Employees actually moved computers and documents into the cave to keep it safe just in case the visitor center itself wound up being untouched. Fortunately yeah this was also part of the reason why most of the surface was hiking. Trails were closed when we were there There aren't many trails but they are routinely closed because burn trees constantly falling on ninety days. And it's really early potentially dangerous. Yeah and also. There's really a huge difference between the this Jasper Fire and natural fires. That happened in this part of the country usually caused by things like lightning strikes. These actually have lots of benefits. The life cycle the forest because not only do they thin out. The forest so that trees are densely packed together competing for sunlight but fire adds nutrients into the soil that helps plants and animals. Yeah the Jasbir fire on the other hand was arson apparently by a Wyoming woman who was driving through and tossed a match on on the ground for some reason just to just to cause trouble or litter and then Brian the forest the ground. Who knows now when we come back from this short break we'll head underground underground at jewel cave.

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