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Of Exit. 42 Myersville. The left lane blocked above could talk and creek for emergency bridgework. They expect to have that in place for several more hours. Dave Tilden w T o p Traffic and Storm Team Force Familiar. Draper is back with us. How do we look tonight? Well, Fortune night. Quiet weather out there. The winds will subside over the next hour or so even less. As the sun goes down right now, I'm tracking dust right around 25 Miles an hour with most tonight in the mid twenties to low thirties under clear skies. It's going to be a cold start again tomorrow morning. It is winter. The laughter all lighter winds to start off the day tomorrow, But a bit of a breeze develops during the afternoon hours, with mostly them partly sunny skies and highs in the forties, so seasonable For Thursday Christmas Eve Day rain moves in During the first half of the day. We'll have some heavy rain in spots for Christmas Eve, especially along and west of I 95 as winds really pick up gusting up to 50 miles now or later in the day. Temperatures warming to around 60 during the day, and then they'll come crashing down on Christmas Eve and took Christmas morning into the thirties. By Christmas morning as we're waking up as the rain exits, I could see me he's some snow mixing in but no accumulation. Out the day on Christmas. We're only seeing temperatures in the twenties and thirties and wind chills in the teens and low 20 so very cold Christmas With potentially a few flurries. We lose the winds, but keep the chill on Saturday with highs in the upper twenties to low thirties Currently 49 in Alexandria, 41 in Purcellville and 45, Poolesville. Thanks, Amelia. Brought to you by patient first positions, X rays, lab tests and prescription drugs with 20 D C. Metro area medical centers 42. Nominated to next lead D C. Police department says he knows violent crime and drug abuse personally..

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