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Yeah, Jimbo is a great competitor and certainly it's been great to keep up with him and observe his career and these people are who they are because they're great competitors and they have conviction about their process, what they believe in and how they do things. You have embraced NIL to the extent that any coach can. Some coaches talk around the edges, you almost get the feeling that I don't want to deal with it, but I have to. And I don't mean to mischaracterize it. It seems like I've talked to you enough and read enough about you that you have embraced it as much as you can possibly embrace it within the limits of what it is. Yeah, no, I think, you know, it falls under the leadership opportunity. I mean, I think that your job as a leader of the team and the organization is to position your team to have success. It's unfortunate that we're in a very uncertain time, right? And I think uncertain times present opportunity for leadership. We're trying to be competitive. We're trying to put together a winning product at the university of Florida. These are the rules. This is the current dynamic that we're competing in. I've always taken the approach, tell me the rules and we're going to be relentless in the way that we approach things and compete. So right now, I think in IO is part of the game. It's part of the competition. So continue to believe that it's university of Florida name image and like this would be a great strength. We have incredible resources. We have 415,000 living alumni, we have we're located right in the middle of multiple big time media markets and we have 55,000 students. So we play in the SEC, so if you're putting together, if you're putting together ingredients for name image and likeness, we got a pretty good list. Coach, you've been so gracious from the beginning till now, and we really appreciate you've always making time for us. I know you just came out of a meeting. We won't keep you too long, but thank you for dropping out here and we hope to see you this fall. Paul, thanks, man. I appreciate the opportunity. Thank you very much. Coach Billy Napier, joining us as we are live here on the beach in Destin. They won almost day two. It seems like day two. Day one of.

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