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Let's head to Erik Nelson in Minneapolis, where this one has been a surprise so far. The Jaguars with comfortable Excuse me, comfortable lead over the Vikings and right now looking to add to it, Eric Yeah, rich in Jacksonville on a third down conversion just gets a first down 13 yard hook up from my clinic. Your Tyler Eifert. The young tight end the rookie out of Notre Dame. So the Jaguars have it first and end at the Minnesota 21 leading nine Nothing with 8 14 to go in the second quarter and the total yardage in this game. It's been absolutely lopsided. The Jaguars right now have 221 total yards. Meanwhile, Minnesota just 20. So anybody who thought maybe Jacksonville but the one in 10 record would be mailing this game in would be playing to get in. You know, opposition to trap Justin Fields or Trevor Laurence. Forget about it. The Jaguars look very good so far. They have the nine Nothing lead. Mike Lennon, starting in place of Gardner. Minshew has a touchdown pass. They also have a field goal from Chase McLachlan. The extra point after the touchdown was no good, So that's how we got to nine points. But the defense of the Jags has been outstanding. Dalvin Cook. One of the NFL's top running backs. 14 touchdowns leads the league has only 11 yards on the ground, and he has no catches in the receiving department. So Jacksonville has bottled up. Put And the JAG Woz. Defensively have been very good, but Mike Glennon just turned it over with an interception. And that's a huge play Cameron Dance where the rookie Otto's Mississippi state with the pick, and that will squelch Jacksonville's chances of adding to the lead So rich like we saw last week with Carolina, the inability to take advantage of being in the red Zone it haunted the Panthers. It may haunt the Jaguars today because they should be up by more than nine. Uh, thanks. Minnesota gets all on the turnover. 7 40 to go in the second Jags up nine. Nothing in Minneapolis. You know, Eric, I think that you have to mark down is a potential turning point. It could have been at least 12. Nothing, maybe even 16. Nothing. And then the interception, which was really nice play by dancing with that that could really come back to haunt the Jaguars today. You're exactly right Rich and you look at the explosion plays in this game. Colin Johnson has a 34 yard reception should know has the 28 yard touchdown catch the tight end James O'Shaughnessy has a 24 yard catch to open the game. And Jacksonville only has nine points. Remember they had it first and goal at the Minnesota four and had to settle for a field goal. So they are leaving points on the field. And as we saw a week ago here with Kirk Cousins and Minnesota, they started slow, but they were able to finish fast and pulling out against Carolina. So The Jaguars defense is gonna have to try toe, make it under stop and get the ball back for their offense. But these mistake's tend to come back to haunt you. Absolutely Thank you, Eric in Cleveland, or I should say in Tennessee. Baker Mayfield, his third touchdown pass in the 1st 17 minutes of this game. Donovan People's Jones had ashore one. Before that he dropped this one. He did not. He was wide open for a 75 yard scoring play. 24 7 the Browns in front. The Bangles in front of the Dolphin. Seven. Nothing but the Dolphins with a third and goal at the to the Colts have scored. 19. Heinz gives Indianapolis a 14 10 lead over the Texans. Jets. 13 Raiders seven bears in front of the Lion 16 6, and it's the Saints with a 73 lead over the Falcons..

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