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Nobody's championship. Races have run up. Likely that she'll feel them and don't be out of refills. Usual second scientist behind closed doors right thing like a social runners that they will come into well. There still will be no shortage of drama and terrific competition and As as always there'll be some you know some big prices that'll invade These decisions it's very much Of an intense period with the group ones that are stacked on top of each other day after day Maybe work back from the gold cup and and talk about You know some of the the standards that are going to be most anticipated all right. Well i mean. Do you want me to join us tomorrow. Utah let's walk through. Let's let's start with tomorrow and of course The champion and The article you mentioned the group once yes start with tomorrow and we'll go through the four days all right well tomorrow to feature is about champion huddle so this is the end. The test to feed her at vile minimum. Different for the services has taken a wash. They say we thought it was gonna be nice. Good ground but ten of rain overnight. So it's gonna be on the softer side of our Really it's a question of whether the the two dollars in the right path across win a honeysuckle can could dominate inverse allow honeysuckle to ever be the went honeysuckle under the irish champion hurdle twice. She had the ground in her favor on. I can certainly running uphold race. I think both of them will struggle to to to be gone. If he's gonna going day he famously painter degree for the final flight huddled last year when ten links scare turn freakish and good at times at all thrive on is inspired this field and against the probably in order. I consider Though shen in the in the champion hurdle young. Greg wants tomorrow. We're one of the arkle chase the the big race the novice chases over the bigger obstacles. Very exciting fish been deputy but he stood up. He wants to bring his last year at the fixture his main danger. I mentioned earlier on the house. If the ray shouldn't claim saying sailing skin one of the biggest price. I think could run. Captain giving who was brought down at fifty last year when during a full dined egging last twice. But i think if he if he gets his jumping together. He's a really interesting wrongful over very small field. This has ever failed. Is eight runners. Go to post jar. Remember the days when that twenty five or thirty eight gigs. Post show price. Willie mullins favorite in the nurse. What we become accustomed to now the gentleman festival appreciate it but whether he can. He can be affected over the shorter fifty miles tomorrow. Relatively shop tested him. I'm not.

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