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Welcome to catch myths and mysteries. I'm your host kit crumb today. We'll talk about the strange case of ripley wankle. Now if you've been following my myths and mysteries you know that. I feel that where to billy go was probably the most bizarre podcast i'd ever done. I did a lot of research involving knack. You can look at the archives wherever you look at podcasts and find it but this one although a little bit different takes the cake. Hang with me through this podcast for a real twist ending. My tail begins in nineteen sixty with two friends. Fifteen year old ripley wangle. Seventeen year old benson henderson as they're driving along a logging road above the ghost. Town of corner kobe oregon. They were on a hunting trip and had decided on the rugged mountains referred to as the eagle caps that towered above eleven thousand feet. They were hoping to bag one of the bighorn sheep that call the peaks home when the road came to an end pulled on their packs ground. Their rifles began the arduous climb. That would take them to eagle cap metal. Though they're hunting expedition proved fruitless. They visited the metal for the next five. Summers tell the nineteen sixty five when then twenty year old replay joined the marines and his best friend twenty two year. Old bentsen joined the army soon. Both were deployed to be at phnom benson to serve twelve months tour of duty as marine thirteen months as fighting raged around them. They're tracking hunting skills. Rescued them from many a firefight benson. Home i john by antiwar protesters moved to the ghost town. Cornucopia drive in the twenty five miles to the tiny town of halfway only to stock up on supplies and off letters to his hunting. Buddy and best friend ripley wankle but when he picked ripley up at portland international airport at the end of his tour. His best friend seemed awfully quiet. Speaking in low tones angry solan benson felt sure that living in the old ghost town. Maybe venturing out on an occasional hunting trip would bring his friend around but after a long harsh winter it became apparent that ripley was unchanged when it came time to venture back into the little town of halfway oregon for supplies benson attempted to coerce his friend into coming with him but without success it was.

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