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The weekend i'll get your all of your headlines we're talking komi we're talking mccabe we're talking a possible trap for president trump in the muller investigation who knows or has it all backfired on the republicans on the republican listen to me on the democrats we're also talking about immigration and small cities in california fighting against the big machine can they survive in their fight against the sanctuary city laws here's a shock poll for you fifty nine percent of california want increased deportation of illegals can you imagine that and that is not some conservative think tank this poll comes from the uc berkeley haas institute for a fair and inclusive society there left wing organization so interesting there and sadly donald trump lost an appeal the us appeals court says the trump administration cannot i repeat cannot block funds from sanctuary cities unbelievable that these activists judges can undermine the presidency and the safety of you and your family in your community regardless of where you are we're also talking about the sad story of the two police officers in florida gilchrist county outside of gainesville that were murdered assassinated while eating chinese food having their lunch and i asked the question is there a war on police in this country we we see anti please send sentiment growing these men were killed in the line of duty but there was no altercation with anyone they weren't giving a ticket it wasn't a domestic violence issue they weren't rating a drug den they weren't chasing down some perpetrators who robbed a store or a bank we're talking about two guys eating lunch and a guy saw them in the window fifty nine year old male and just shot them and then we see the boldness of not brave ness of ms thirteen a member there in long island directing members to quote take out a cop and as we talked with one call as we know it lends to your street credibility with these gangs if you're going to do that but the.

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