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An sp ended up thirty nine you're listening to srn news retirement questions you can bet joe casey probably has the answer join him every saturday at eleven for fast track to retirement with his years of experience joe can help take the guesswork out of your retirement planning fast track to retirement is your source for all things retirement from how current events could affect your savings to strategies to maximize your retirement income and everything in between join us the fast track to retirement with joe casey saturday at eleven right here on nine seventy am the answer joe wall show paid joe walsh here every single day the fight for freedom every single day you should fight for freedom i'm not a radio guy i don't know how to do radio i'm a former congressman admitted to fighting for the principles his country was founded upon join me every night joe walsh weekday mornings at nine on nine seventy am the answer intelligent conservative talk this is nine seventy am the answer from the new firm i'm dave reichel the level metro council has voted to protect the homeless and a new ordinance the ordinance would allow a 21day notice to homeless camps before any action is taken to remove a person or their property in other news a southern indiana man accused of sexually assaulting seventeen young children as being sued by one of his alleged victims the lawsuit filed wednesday and clark county on the girls behalf seeks unspecified damages from eighteen year old michael begin junior and the greater clark school corporation and sports of win last night on the road for belem and against mckendry eighty seven sixty 66 tomorrow night the nights take on southern indiana tip off at eight thirty right here on nine seventy am the answer tonight it's trinity shamrocks basketball the rocks take on lafayette pregame seven thirty.

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