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Ordered bile troppo is expected to speak at the sentencing fox's tonnage of powers a shooting last night in Kentucky is a sure Stephanie McCurry county in critical condition this morning the accused gunman was arrested this is fox news six two and good morning Patrick Osborne this news brought you by apple leasing and topping Austin's news capital metro officials say they hope the city of Leander will reconsider the plan to back out of the long standing agreement with the transit agency city council will vote on that tomorrow can't measure executive vice president taught him extant talked to gave you says Leander would end up paying more money if it contracts for transit service instead pay the same amount or to get what they have today they pay more so and in that regard we think it's a good deal and but we're always ready and willing to work with them to count the votes in favor of ending the agreement voters will get the final say but that probably wouldn't happen until sometime next year for the second time this month the capital metro buses caught fire three lanes of southbound one eighty three a in cedar park were closed for three hours only the driver was on board though no injuries reported last week a cat metro bus caught fire near south Congress an old horse and last summer that much audible twenty eight buses out of service because of another fire on north on one eighty three that also led to the closure of all lanes of that road another decision either we watch closely tomorrow in the enters a change the policies related to rental space of the public libraries falls a highly controversial event involving men dressed as women reading to children security for protest outside of that one event cost the city more than twenty thousand dollars the one proposed change would be a requirement that anyone reading a convert from there the library pays for their own security some Austin businesses fear the city's easing of homes ordinances will attract more people know same dire circumstances Clint straight of straight music company in south Austin hopes the city where it made the right move here but he's not holding out much hope just because I feel like when I talk to both city council and the mayor it just doesn't seem like it's going to get any better and in the short term he says in his business he seen trash cans broken into a man bathing in the store's restaurant occasionally finds needles in the parking lot because all that though the by products of an already large homeless population so the Austin council loosening of those homeless ordinances really created a huge debate across the city next Tuesday the downtown Austin alliance will host a safety form discussing all of these changes Austin please see bright manly will be among the speakers discussing how those changes have impacted his department DA is been very opposed to allow the homeless to camp in most public spaces and it is now six oh four and losses on time traffickers done prior we've got a wreck right now on a six twenty and little elm so little bit slow there otherwise main line to the major thoroughfares usual stuff building muscle notably on north.

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