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I'm John Shea, the hospital in Germany treating the poisoned Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny says it's taken him out of his induced coma, and he's now reacting to speech. More details from my Europe Editor Dani Eberhard. Alexey Navalny was poisoned. His supporters believe drinking tea before boarding a plane in Siberia. Germany has said categorically that it was with Nav. It shock a group of lethal nerve agents developed in the Soviet Union. Mr Navalny, a fierce critic of President Putin is now out of a coma and doctors are gradually weaning him off mechanical ventilation, but they will not be drawn on whether he'll suffer long term consequences off the poisoning. Germany has said it's considering targeted sanctions against Russia. The Kremlin denies any involvement. One of the main opposition leaders in Biala. Rose, who hadn't been detained or forced into exile has been abducted in central Minsk. Witnesses or several masked man sees Maria Kolesnikova Senior member off a body that's seeking a peaceful transition and Valorous and bundle her into a van. The Interior Ministry says it has no information about her being detained. A court in Saudi Arabia has overturned death sentences issued last year for five defendants in the murder ofthe Jamal Kashiwagi. They were sentenced to 20 years in jail. Sebastian ASHA reports. State media in Saudi Arabia has described this as the final verdict in the trial of those accused of involvement in the killing of Jamal Khashoggi, the veteran Saudi journalist who had become one of the fiercest critics. Of a Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman members ofthe Mr Hashtag. His family offered their public forgiveness to the killer's earlier this year, excepting the contention that the murder had not been premeditated. That meant that the death senators could be commuted. The Saudis will be hoping that this will draw a line under an incident that is deeply tarnished the country's image. European leaders have given a frosty reaction to plans by the British government to introduce legislation overriding key part off the existing Brexit withdrawal agreement. The legislation could contradict the protocol agreed with EU concerning Northern Ireland. Our correspondent Nick Big is in Brussels. Certainly in public. There's disappointment on the part of you. We heard from the European Commission president on the line earlier, saying that she trusts that the UK will abide by the withdrawal agreement. We also heard from Michelle Bonnier, who, of course, is the use chief negotiator. He said that confidence and trust is so important at this point. If you talk to sources in the Barnier camp, they believe that deep down the British government does want a deal and not tohave. One would be disastrous for the British He's certainly trying to interpret what's been coming from London over the past 24 hours or so it's been a pretty tricky job for the U. This is the latest world news from the BBC. The Democratic contender for the U. S. Presidency. Joe Biden is going to Pennsylvania to woo voters in one of the handful of states seen as key to November's election. He'll meet the leader ofthe one of the largest unions in the United States. Richard Trunk are off the air felt CEO. As he seeks to bolster his support among blue collar workers. Pennsylvania was narrowly won by Donald Trump in 2016. Uganda's deputy labor minister has been charged with attempted murder following an alleged shooting incident on Saturday, or Ciguatera. Katana is accused of shooting an opponent supporter after he lost the election in the ruling party's primaries. His lawyers deny that he fired the shot patients at a high rate reports from Kampala. Mr Ricotta now is the former attorney general has also been charged with assault, threatening violence and causing damage to property. A video clip has been circulating on social media in Uganda allegedly showing the minister grabbing a gun away from one of his bodyguards and aiming it at people inside the car. The ruling party elections were characterized by several incidents of violence across the country. In some areas, voting was canceled. The Philippine President Rodrigo to Turtle has sparked condemnation from rights groups after he pardoned a US Marine convicted of killing a transgender woman activists called his decision a mockery of justice and a blatant display of civility to U. S interests. Lance Corporal Joseph Scott Pemberton was jailed for killing Jennifer Naughty in 2014. The authorities in Pakistan say schools will begin reopening in phases from next week following a drop in new Corona virus cases. The minister said that the classes were bigger than they should be divided into two batches. Attending schools on alternate days, he requested parents to send their Children with face masks. Pakistan has being gradually removing restrictions on business and social activities. And that's the latest BBC World News. Community. Shares of.

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