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Three pm turned on her playlist of nineties hip hop. Things like juvenile and Tori. Puff daddy. And she says she listened to for an hour, and was feeling joyful and dancing turned it off. Sat down to watch the news. And then there's a knock at her door and her neighbors had called the police on her for playing loud music instead of ignoring it and saying, hey, it's Saturday someone's in a good mood downstairs or knocking on her door again creating community relationships having conversation about it. They just went straight to the police and police abruptly knocked on the door scared her in her own home made her feel like even though she has the right to be there the class status to be in this particular place. She didn't belong in this neighborhood that her her white neighbors don't tolerate her ways of being enter consciously listening for it. We can also amplify sounds. We hear the more. We fixated on certain sounds the more we begin to notice and attuned to them. Right. So it's a story over and over again of people being silenced, literally. Yes. You're opening up. This whole kind of language that to me seems to be about the ethics of listener the ethics of hearing moving from sonic prejudice to a model of sonic inclusiveness for that is a legacy that I can leave. I would be honored and appreciative. I I really encourage people to stop and observe reactions that we've come to understand as natural or immediate to sound. Why am I upset at this particular moment that my neighbor is playing a certain kind of music? Why am I upset that? My neighbors are using their front yard to have a party versus their backyard sound triggers a lot of these deeply-held feelings about race and class. And the way we think about race and class influences what we hear. And if we can really begin to break that automatic assumption. A lot of things can change. Jennifer Lynn Stover teaches at Binghamton university. She's the author of the sonic color line. And also editor in chief of the sound. Studies.

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