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That That we haven't hit on get another peeves like that for people out there that are that are thinking about hiring a plumber to come in like drain cleaners or things like that. What's your take on some of that. I'll tell you one that we do that. I think everybody should do whenever you have. Your drain cleaning. Asked the plumber. If he's got a camera. Can you earn a camera through there and just make sure we got it and this is something that we've started doing for people. We we carry a camera with us when we go clean it. It does two things and eleven right because it actually lets us video it. Did we get the the stoppage completely out or do we just push a little further down there. We just poke a hole in it by also if there is a break if there are tree roots if there is something like that we can at least show it to them pointed out to him and say. Hey look everything's draining rotten now but you do have an issue here and we may find a belly. Find a break. It could be anything but at least that way. We know that that we did get it taken care of or we know i look. We did get it taken care of. But you've got an issue here. This is going to happen again. And it's it's not if it's win. And i think that's such a big deal it really. Is it really is. That's just sound advice for everybody because that camera tells a story. I mean just when i had my house done and i was here for that. I looked at. And i'm like oh sweet. This is literally brand new looking cast-iron all the way out down to the to the sewer main that is gorgeous and i've got rocks and trees and everything else around here and it looked just absolutely beautiful and i'm like all right. I got a lotta years left in that and now i'm not worried about that anymore. I'm like okay. As long as i take care on the homeowners side of things on my is on my side. I'm good for many years to come with that. If i would seen roots or everything else and i knew there was a probably a track. O- or something in my future to fix that and sometimes that's the way it's gotta be it. Just it is what it is. Absolutely absolutely roger wakefield. What's the best way for people to you. Down my friend. People can find me at roger wakefield dot com or they can find me on. Youtube just is funny on youtube..

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