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You're listening to all things considered from npr news the world has made huge strides in ending child marriage over the past few decades back in the 1980s one out of every three young women were married is teenagers worldwide today it's fewer than one and four than in some places the fight against child marriage has stagnated like mexico james frederick has this report from the southern state of oaxaca in this stuff he to room community center a dozen or so young women sit around the big tables swatting way pesky nancy their shy of first but quickly loose ah twenty one year old land single and feels pressured the komo gay yet the day she says people will come up to me in the street and ask how old i am and then tell me i'm getting old they'll say right to my face don't you think you're being left behind these women are mix of tutors and students in an education programme and their town of cortec assault us which helps young women finish primary and secondary school online getting an education is a huge challenge for young women here yep then north up i forget what buffett liatti author sell us tina says they're community makes them feel like women are meant to study race kids is this idea that you'll get married so there's no reason to study dropping out of school for marriages common by the time girls are fourteen but happens as young as eleven or twelve i am of what we want to i mean us progress yellow go sia it happened at fifteen she'd been friends with high may and school but when things progressed dating wasn't an option phone companies out on it was a big because my father was very possessing jerry i don't even know how how things the hina said to me why don't we get together kept honest i don't know how i persuaded me that i accepted unlike the rest of the world child marriage rates have barely fallen in mexico in the last thirty years that means today nearly one in five girls marry before they turn eighteen marrying young they're more likely to be poor less educated and suffer domestic violence and like most young women here grefe you'll never legally married instead she entered an informal civil union a very common practice here.

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