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Three FM from ABC news I'm Terry Alden or lieutenant colonel Alexander vin men told his father he was doing the right thing I'm I'm sitting here today in the U. S. capitol talking to our elected professionals talking to our elected officials is proof that you made the right decision forty years ago to leave this union come here to the United States of America in search of a better life for our family do not worry I will be fine for telling the truth the emotional testimony was a president trump's impeachment inquiry now the military officers out of a job a lawyer for lieutenant colonel Alexander vin man says in a statement that the National Security Council official was escorted out of the White House today he said bin men was asked to leave for quote telling the truth adding his honor his commitment to write frighten the powerful women testified during a house impeachment hearing last fall he was on the president's July phone call with the president of Ukraine and later raised red flags about it with his superiors on the NSC the men's lawyer said the truth cost him his job his career and his privacy Karen Travers ABC news the White House White House source says Veneman's twin brother also lost his job at the NSC two hours to the next democratic presidential debate hosted by ABC news W. M. U. R. T. V. and apple news it comes just four days before that state's first in the nation primary the US will help China respond to a growing outbreak of a new strain of coronavirus HHS secretary Alex's virologist drug development experts epidemiologists who would be part of that team and we continue to expect fully that presidency presidency will accept that team that the W. H. O. has put together as an expert team the death toll in China now at least six hundred there are twelve confirmed cases here in the US a guilty plea in the fatal shooting at a high school in Colorado last year Maya McAnally who goes by Alec charged with seventeen counts in the incident stems school in highlands ranch including a count of murder you're listening to a BC news Arizona's news.

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