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Next you know they got nukes and Russians do and then that morphed into well what was the snowstorms a source from nineteen seventy six there's a snowstorm in Michigan were down her lower part of the state it was what they get normal and U. P. word when they plow the roads the snow on the side of the road was like eight feet high conceding you're going on tells us no we still walk to school and then when we were walking to school we got to school you had to look cool it wouldn't we you might wear some boots for you didn't wear anything dorky I mean we were a little the out in the snow in our loafers are Thom McCann pointed shoes okay hundred percent and you're going to get soaking wet but so what the drought but that was it man no I I got a story for you a buddy of mine I used to run with this guy and we were freaking crazy there's a whole crew of us does kill me one time in Austin Healey I'll for sure this revisionist there were both knocked out loaded well I'll tell you what I did say that anyway Ron Hynes drive coming up toward off his new year's eve coming up toward a Ford wrote and I thought you see that red light right I'm thinking to myself and he's just traveling music learning sixty five Austin Healey a convertible and he didn't see the light I started a band with a sixty one for Hannah Hannah and I he was throwing three hundred feet out of nineteen sixty eight storm thank you so much correct he's thrown from the car I don't know what happened because next thing I know firefighters told me don't move there's lights everywhere and they take me on a stick man ambulance both was taken to hospital long story short we will survive but anyway this guy was cool to our whole crew was cool and I remember one time we're going to a party four hundred below zero and I went to pick up the car and I had two other people with me and he comes out he's wearing this embroidered Cuban wedding check I said you get a cold snowman I can't work with this thing yeah that was it and you know I wouldn't care about the weather backed and looking cool was thank you done next for that memory there's a bunch of members you can't talk about on the radio is just a couple of yeah two thirty of thirty inches of snow windchill or maybe two below and he's wearing a Cuban wedding jacket and a shirt knows with I didn't think about the cover it because you're in the car to get a break down yeah it could.

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