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Artem Anisimov facing off with Elias Patterson the leading scorer in the National Hockey League among rookies hawks get the puck cannot send up taking it back. Josh leave oh behind the hawk net. Battling with the hawks later. Kuku walks it out in front lookout. It's and Murphy states pull out of there by Besser Besser around of the left circle tried to work at past Prenton Pearleen. He checks it away at the hawk line. Murphy to Anisimov over the hawk blue line. We get a whistle. And the hawks are offsides on the play. Wanna welcome some visitors into our booth Kerry Meier and friends they were the winners of the Keith relief auction. So guys welcome to our broadcast booth. Hope you enjoy it. Thank you for the support for the teacher Leif foundation. This reminder that Chicago Blackhawks hockey is sponsored by Fiji paints, the official paint the NHL that's a great charity, by the way, dunk raising money for people who have trouble paying hospital bills and medical expenses. Good. Good on doc and the boys all get involved in that too in behind the net. Dow Stecher fending off a check from Berlin will pass ahead up. The left wing Hutton at center ice moves it to VAT down the left wing hawk zone from the corner. He fires let's block away to the near boards. Gustav forsling. He's got the puck passing on the left wing side over the side from near the corner. Fires that's over the net. Puck rides around to the near side gusts and took it away from Roussell now Anisimov from the right wing corner fired it off the boards behind the net over to Saad left circle. Saad tried to flip it back. Over to Brendan Pearleen pass picked off by Stecher Angola. Pass up the left wing down to the corner hawk zone at battling there with the hawks. Gustav forsling Brendan leaning on the scene as well. Chips.

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