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Blood is they held up the dodgers six five Corey Canabal fan. Justin Turner to ended with Chris Taylor on third after a Riddy. Triple nearly back a six one lead in the eighth but able to hold on Brandon Woodruff the win to scoreless also belt a solo shot of loser. Clayton Kershaw at five runs over three heats up the loss. Josh Hader with three terrific. And he's of the pen four case as his solo shot game twos. This afternoon hundred Rio against Wade Miley, lots of questions for the going through the off season. And just added another big one he'd gregorious these Tommy John surgery brought domestic that he'll be back at some point during the season. I don't want to speculate too much on when it's obviously different than a pitcher. He's not coming back on the mound. And so we think there's a realistic chance that he plays the bulk of the season with us. Aaron Boone is the bombers also said he had minor surgery and his knee and GM Brian Cashman, let it be known sunny, Greg. But luckily address for next season giants still picking up the pieces after getting punished by the eagles and seeing their season spiral to one and five start. Then led to calls for manning to take a CPA rookie. Kyle letter not giving up on the veteran brings the same same effort. Same energy's the same person every day. That's all you can ask for it. We'll figure this thing out. Allies don't find this just gotta keep chipping away at it. Keep people leading this team and he's doing right now. And and wall rally around him head coach, Pat Shurmur also gave the liability confidence and he is sticking with his quarterback for Eric flowers out of work long. Former first round pick signed on with the Jaguars jets at the cold Sunday looking for back-to-back victories, and that starts with slowing down. Andrew luck. Outstanding quarterback motza game inside out. You're not going to surprise them with anything. He's seen. Everything's very accurate. You know, the offense inside out. Try to slow him down on a bad day. Todd Bowles who some holes in a secondary. Buster screens Achmed Johnson. Dow corral gametime decision NBA preseason final tuneup for both clubs Netscape the next one thirteen one. Oh, seven with reports every twenty minutes Marco balletti WFAN twenty twenty sports NFL doubleheader tomorrow featuring the Cowboys in Jaguars followed by the patriots in chiefs gets underway at least.

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