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And and mr campbell was h- unique also and is in a different way. He was a very very personal man. Him and mrs campbell too nice people. You couldn't have met. And you know. And and i had learned a lot to from mr campbell. Also like different about interacting with people. Just the business in general but mr campbell was very Very to the point You could shoot straight with them about everything you know. It was easy. It was easy sledding with him. Because like mr farris because they they wanted to know what was what did you make the right businesses It's you know in a proactive way and And they became And even even when Seeing when i changed over from a private or public stable and it was still chained from mr fairest publicly but but when i became public Is the campbell immediately. Sent me a few losses to help me out. And keep keep my my stable going And he appreciated you know mr campbell. Very much appreciated loyalty like this. The farish and So so i've been not only mr campbell in ferris but all the Submissive to that. End with mr parrish. I was I came in contact on a professional and personal basis with with with people. Like like mr. And mrs kilroy mr mrs hudson He is the list is. Just you know mr mrs mr. Mrs temple weber That the list is is so long. I can't even remember now. That all the people that i was had the pleasure of having horses in partnership with mister farris. All all result of of of the farish is Partners and and it's just you know people like that he just again. I've been so fortunate. I can't even. I can't overstate it enough. Yeah you know. Neil listening to you. Talk about those people and boy. You've mentioned some incredible names in the history of our sport. And you've had the privilege to be associated with those folks and and to hear your story into your you talk about. You know mike cline in the introduction that he made for you everybody in this business we look at you now we say neal howard yes. He's trained all these winners all these ones. He's trained a horse of the year but everybody starts somewhere. How much different is it today. Getting started as a horse trainer. Then when you broke into the profession years ago. I think it's different in in a way that It used to be a little different there if you I'm trying to think of the best way to put this a lot. Quite often. a trainer young trainer would get started when the person that he was that he worked up the ladder with would would cut back or retire and you would a lot of time and their trainer would recommend to his owners which were only a few owners at the time Relationships were different than they were less. Usually it was a single owner or a handful of owners that own their own horses. You didn't have a lot of partnerships that is obsolete it's been a great innovation. Don't get me wrong. I mean you might have horses today. That about forty fifty. People that yeah. That's that's a common occurrence now as you know. You know you look at that stuff more than i do. But i think that trains were more apt to get rolling on their own with the from. The owners would be passed down for lack if you will for lack of a better term I mean because a lot of trainers that i watched start out on their own and those days when you walk in there one the only thing that would be different it would be. The trainer will be the same equipped that kind of thing Which was good which was great but but things have changed from that a little bit. I think because of the different business models now if that makes any sense. I don't know if i'm explaining that. As good as i could sure i think that's part of it so it has gotten difficult but i also think though that if you carry yourself the right way and and work hard and show respect Usually you're gonna wind up You know that that's probably the best way way to get started. And so but it's it's a little harder in some ways but easier in other ways because nowadays there are a lot of programs out there now a lot of the like the elect wind program for one. I know there's others the arizona program. There are a lot of programs out there now like the flying stop program that are producing wonderful. Wonderful the horsemanship that you learn from these programs now is second to none. But it's still even though technology has really kind of taken over to a point. I still feel comfortable. That the hands on with the horses in the stalls and is still order the day to a point. You still have. You've got to have your your your technology skills much more than you ever had to have before you the kind of the days of the pencil and pad that i'm still using. Yeah but i think it's a little a little bit of both. I don't know if that has question good or not but yeah one one hundred percent completely understand. I'm visiting by the way with trainer. Neil howard here. On trainer talk presented by phasing. Tipton boy is he.

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