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FOX because this is home. This know what we ought to get a chance to talk about it and looks I put on the table. I put it on the table again, right now, Dave Teesta, if you watch it, I got a million dollars for you. If you step in the cage with me, I've got a million able Teesta if you step in the case for me, we got it ready. I know I know what it's price is. And we're ready to pay it will we're excited to Nassir league in grow league with these guys use a million. Why was this? A million peso Winky. I want to salute you say in the narrative become an owner. And they were so I salute shaded. Thank you guys. Appreciate big stuff. Can I get an offer to fight who you gonna fight? Sure. No. I got to talk louder. You only time we get a chance to fight. Oh here. Hopefully, you guys come to the may eleventh at the Burbank Mary here convention. That's great. All right. Let's get the Dardanelles question of the day. All right yesterday. We talked about coaches being scared of their players, and I was curious just to know what was the best way to discipline. You guys as athletes me. Let me go Java. Take me out the game. I wanna play the best way to get to get me. Take me on sitting down. And just let me sit there and watch when I know I should be playing and the person that did it to me to make me become coach and make me a game. Like, a professional was part of this. I go out there. We wanted to play. I don't know the play come sit down. I turn the ball over and do something. That's not my game. Come sit down. That's the best. With me. Take me out the game for me. It was always in practice. I in the game. I'm let me play. Let me play when I want you to coach me and coach me hard is during the week. Prepare me, if I'm looking at him because we all do it. We all see that play. And we look in that film, man. What am I doing? If yo coach don't call you out on that. You lose a little bit respect every time. He doesn't say I'm the same way. I always used this back when I was in high school, if you came in watch our.

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