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A lot of people predicted i remember i got a lot of flak in my district i specially in the in in burrow park by people who said saddam hussein is a menace to israel the united states for completely extraneous reasons i mean nothing to do with his you'll muskets of them you're standing the way what's the matter with you and my reaction my reply was no saddam hussein is not a menace he is a nuisance the menace is iran anybody knows anything about middle eastern history should know two things one we have strong zhima mess with tameer which is to say iraq they are barred the persian expansionism you take akbar away in the united states he may be used was going to have to be a bar in that can be expensive in in money in lives and second um iraq is a shiite country with a sunny dictator you take that setting dictator way she isn't will reassert itself and it's absolutely predictable that iraq will become to a greater or lesser extent of dependency or a cow many of iran which is happening now the bannon populace are such a strange mix of things in a way are antiwar like you the trump may be abandoning that they want tax hikes not tax cuts for the rich though trump may be abandoning that but somehow they've married those liberal populist positions to their way white christian identity politics that you know it all of that is how do you and understand have those strands intersect well it's always been a puzzle to may not a real puzzle but the question it is if i tell you that some candidate candidate x is in favour of more taxes on the rich uh more government regulation of the environment are what do you think is position on abortion is you'll save was probably prochoice was one thing i do the other um is completely conceivable you could have someone who is very good in the environment the very good on global warming and very good on government regulation and his antichoice or vice versa we are used two two threatened things going together but they don't necessarily so someone like bannon mary's certain a good positions and some very bad positions and those positions that aren't normally married but.

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