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Pass was having some problems with their website They're saying for right now. Stevens passed not open. They're targeting. December. 4th now the summit, So call me that includes helping told Summit Central on the Tubing Center. They're targeting. Also the first week of December again a big reminder. You've got to go to their website. You got to see how they're doing the ticket sales. It is totally different. You will need a mask. By the way, and social distancing at your favorite Ski resort for the season. 7 36 right now a protest held this black fighting to speak out against Amazon. Those protesters say they want the company to pay their warehouse workers more money and approve working conditions. The groups also has a demand for Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, according to this protester way, want to see Jeff vessels to pay his fans share in terms of taxes and each off every fulfillment center in the 50 states in Amazon spokesperson released a statement yesterday it says in part quote, this is a serious and misleading exhortations by miss informed her self interested groups who are using Amazon. Profile to further their individual causes. Amazon has a strong track record of supporting our people, our customers and our communities, unquote, So we're waiting on a vaccine. There's a restaurant owner and Kirklin, he says. They are going to make Max vaccination mandatory for the staff right now. Cafe Juanita on Lee offering pick up orders we see in an interview with CNN yesterday, chef and owner Holly Smith says her staff helped inform her decision to require vaccinations. But she said she's willing to work with people what became very clear Woz that for the emotional and physical safety of my team That tighter boundaries for them have felt have felt better. Legal experts say employers can put health and safety requirements in the workplace. But there could be limits for the vaccine under the FDA is emergency use authorization. There's also federal anti discrimination laws for people with medical conditions and religious Objections now for comas Nick Papa, he's saying it's a waiting game following warnings from health experts about these large gatherings for Thanksgiving. We certainly plan for the worst and hope for the best. For weeks, Health officials have been fearing that people would come together on November 26th to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday. During this pandemic. We've learned that indoor home gatherings of the primary places where covert 19 is spreading all of us on this call, if they're concerned about Thanksgiving will bring because Cupid 19 isn't slowing down in our state or Across the country. But according to health experts, we won't see how well people behave this holiday weekend until a couple weeks from now what we saw last March and April is that the hospitalizations peaked 1 to 2. Weeks after the case, reports P. Come on his time at 7 38 common news here. We hope to learn more in the coming days about a deadly overnight shooting in Tacoma police were called to the 2100 block of East 60th Street about 12 30 Friday morning. Found a 55 year old man dead in a 42 year old man was injured unclear what led up to the shooting. But investigators will only tell us that the 42 year old is not considered a suspect. And he should be okay. Boy was a different this Thanksgiving when it comes to shopping. Wal Mart closed Thanksgiving Day, which stores were open closing at 567. PM What happened to the 24 hours. The marathon has been building over the last few years and then a scaled back start to the holiday season found in downtown Seattle. Crowds were scarce for the.

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