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Of the community you're listening to the move mix DACA been in a sitting. In for him that's the. Sheared young woman, and, she saying hey on what you're gonna do when your back's against the wall You, heard, what she said an says is hang on hang in there But I tell you what you deserve to Tomo. Piece to say one thing. Don't let feel put that, stranglehold on you That s. Exactly what what would have a beautiful day Jared doing his thing and he's making sure that we got some good music. He's making sure that you get treated nice when you call in and he's making sure that everything is running crystal clear so. Y'all know what we in great hands gotta talk to you about some stuff that's jumping off in the in. The world I'm, gonna start with what's, happening on the international front and I'm gonna go across the. The the the ocean when I say go across the ocean I'm. Head down to the motherland and talk about what's happening They're. In Africa and you know there's some good things that are happening in Africa and things that calls me some some concern let me read something. To you Somalia's al-shabaab care is out attack on military base the Al Shabaab militant group says it killed twenty seven soldiers in the rate which began just after early morning prayers, are Somali military officers said reinforcements have been sent to. The area about fifty kilometers thirty one miles from the port city of Kismayo but did not give further details about the. Attack al-shabaab has been waging and insurgency in Somalia for more than ten years and a twenty two thousand strong African Union force. Is in the country to help the government fight this our our Kedah licked militant kind of kind of group. Now we I'm concerned about about that, now just won't shaded which let me go on and read Some some other kinds of things to you which is you know really really disturbing You know Trevor Noah. Trevor Noah and aboriginal anger wa as as disgusting. Joke kind of resurfaces comedian Trevor Noah has responded to criticism of a racist joke he told in twenty thirteen. About, aboriginal, Australian women says he had vowed never to make a joke like that again Noah the new host of the daily show in. The US faced a backlash after video of the joke was freshly circulated own line he was condemned by, several indigenous Australians some call for a, boycott of north upcoming Australian tour nor said it was right to denounce his job which centered own appearance centered on appearance in the footage of the twentieth thirteen stand. Up show nor is shown saying that all women of every race can be beautiful he, continues and, I know, some, of you Are sitting there now going. Oh. Trevor yeah but I've never. Seen a beautiful aborigine nor goes on to say it's not always about looks but mimicking playing did Dir. Rideau in, a suggestive, manner hey that's a big word I got got looked, at and see what that. Means on Monday the comedian acknowledged joke was wrong. Inferred and refer to having visited on aboriginal culture center in in melborn I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna return. To, this, conversation I'm a return to that just a little little bit later listen let me jump on some other kinds of things that. Are a little closer to the to the to the home front here in the u nine states a, large police presence is on the scene, of a shooting in Toronto that has left at least nine people hurt police say the gunman is day the extent of the injuries is not known and police have. Not said what may have motivated the shooting Toronto just. North, of the border here in the United States President Trump has a stern warning for Iran's. Presidents in all caps tweeted address to Iranian president Hassan Ruhani Trump caution him to never threaten the United. States or. Quote you. Will suffer consequences the like of. Which few throughout history have ever suffered before Trump's tweets singing. To, be a response to a warning from Ruhani about risking war with Iran if he pursues hostile policies towards the country okay we've we've seen those kinds of, things from from the president before listen over and lift a putting the brakes on a driver who live streaming video..

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