Nathan hoster with the church of the brother on dc office


Nathan hoster with the church of the brother on dc office also convene a working group on nigeria uh there's a church with the brother in a much larger than the us church in northeast nigeria and so much for our work as around the ongoing crisis with bucaram working group has raised concerns around accountability of the niger military as well as lead to increased humanitarian assistance one of the pieces of that is and you mentioned flexibility the need for flexibility to work with smaller ngos or on the ground organizations in a place that is very very difficult to get two for large organizations it is so i don't i don't know nigeria as as well as others but again nigeria strikes me as a place in which our current tool kit has simply not work in part because you know we are supplying what we try to hang over nigeria's head is support for the military so we have this big slush funds in the department of defense which allows them to move foreign military aid around very fluidly nigeria's always in that pot and we try to use that money to force the political change inside nigeria that we know is necessary in order to build longterm stability but again back to this question of who should be doing at rate the department of defense ray which is not in the business of creating political stability probably isn't the best agency to be using funding as leverage for political change the state department is in that business that's what they do they should be the people that have the big bucket of money that is used as pressure to leverage political change but because we have a ten billion dollar slush fund in the department of defense but we don't have a ten billion dollar slush front of the department of state it's the military it's generals that are sitting across from the nigerians saying hey we'd love to give you this new money in order to fight boko haram but you've got to make some big commitments on political reform.

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