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Dot com expressing optimism I'm Lisa listen Arraf fox news president trump holds a round table discussion this afternoon focusing on re opening the economy as the number of cases of covert nineteen declines leaders from Toyota to the waffle house around him president trump says they will be important to an economic restart pick great companies and they'll do very well hopefully better than ever before and that's what we're seeing we're seeing tremendous pent up demand but it may get worse before it improves some businesses may not come back and the virus may reassert itself the president says that will be handled if it does rear up a little bit in the fall or even a lot will be able to put it out we'll put out the embers will put out the flames the president's top economic adviser Larry Kudlow says he sees a recovery by the end of the year colonel Scott fox news also during the round table president trump said he wants the FDA to go as quickly as they can to approve them disappear as a treatment for the virus earlier today Dr Mathew counties said the drug has proved to be effective in a major study and these indications use of the drug led to fewer deaths but that's still under review the president also saying the administration will soon release a plan to help oil companies which could include adding millions of barrels of oil to national reserves which are already nearly full Florida getting ready for its first phase of re opening with restaurants and stores being allowed to open at twenty five percent capacity is new phase will start on Monday may fourth and will for the time being exclude Miami Dade Broward and Palm Beach counties these counties have seen the lion's share of the state's epidemic but they are trending in a positive direction governor Ron DeSantis the order will also allow hospitals insurance surgical centers to restart nonessential elective procedures and the rest of the state if they have enough supplies America is listening to.

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