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W j newsradio nine fifty's john hewitt hearing from students and joins us live and local with the latest their john good afternoon greg while the search was extensive it did not involve i'm told by the chief individual lockers or backpacks still there were a lot of resources in place here students held in classrooms for over two hours k9 units going through the building as for whether this was a mistake or prank police say they don't know luca ninthgrader here at berkeley offers his thoughts i feel like because of its high school i could have been a prank but then acted like turned out really serious so i don't think they realized the damage it caused two our education in others not to mention it can get an individual in a lot of trouble as we've seen it a couple of local school districts are already greg when you look at the resources used here including officers as mentioned in canine hunting the woods helping southfield pd oakland county sheriff's department i ask a the public safety director hear mr cain about uh whether it was a too much your how do you make that judgment and he said frankly you can't make a mistake there was were his words and ask for the guns in schools question i slip that any said like many others right now is words i'm really not sure what would be better reporting live and local in berkeley john hewitt wwe j newsradio nine fifty w wjr news time is 506 meantime a lockdown was lifted earlier this afternoon and all three plymouth canton educational park high schools this after there was a rumor that have student brought appearance it's gone to school the parent was able to check and found all the guns locked in at home in belleville extra police on hand of a high school today due to a possible threat school officials say an anonymous caller called police to say the overed someone saying something about a shooting at the school today earlier this week to students from two other high schools south lyon and melvin dale were charged over threats made on snapchat as you heard on cbs news president trump believes some teachers should be armed following the florida school shooting that killed seventeen last week speaking live on wwl j detroit police chief james craig says he supports the idea for some teachers but says there should be a thorough vetting process where those who carry in.

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