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Let's say they bought everything from you that you sell right, so they're all in. You know the greatest Klein in the world from all in what is that? When can they start seeing I dunno increased Seo. When can they start seeing more engagement socially? And then ultimately, when can they tangibly say because I did this I got a new client. So I'm going to break down in two ways for that Roi question and the results. Any stout you. You can read out there and and we did a survey while even it nine and ten, and honestly it's probably Tina. Attend by now of your referrals will look you up online before they reach out to you. So if I if I refer, you probably do this if my friend says this is the toast robots awesome I'm still to go. Look up the toaster I go and buy to order it online. Bring it to the financial world. If my friend recommended advisor, I'm going to go. Look them up and I wanted the first thing and I'm a move a younger person in my thirties. I'm all what the online world so I'm going to look up. Do my research get try to get comfortable what they have going on. What's going to start with their website? So, if you the website that's. Ten years old eight years old. It's it's outdated no content. It makes me kind of wonder. Okay. Is this for sure? Go type of advisor. I WanNa work with or do I want to have a little bit more of a modernized or digitalize adviser, so there's there's that part where you can get Roi almost immediately, because now your referrals that are were prec. Makina site that hasn't been updated in in five years now. They're seeing Singapore. UP-TO-DATE, professional, modern credible presence Anne looking like an expert because you. You have videos on their content and articles and things like this that can roi can happen really really quickly. The second part of that is you know the net new leads where they're finding you on search, engines or S- came across your Lincoln profound that stuff now typically for us to really start kicking in once you really implement the most of the groundwork. It can take a couple of months, but what we seen from our we did. We did a bit of an analysis and a case study. We see about twenty five to seventy percent increase traffic within sixty days. Wow, that's a big range, but big numbers. Yeah, I mean I give Kudos to it because I think the way we have the process. Restart with that research even though. An advisor might say hey. Want this specific word. We can say well. You know what no one's looking at that word. What about this one? Instead or these keywords instead, and that really sets the table for a successful implementation. You talked a little bit about the idea of branding and a logo, and you know some of the messaging. You have a really great blog about buyer persona. We talk about this a lot in touch on this podcast, we talk about niche marketing or just very focused marketing. Would you mind talking about why you implemented data? And how you guys use that to really further this entire system you've built. Gas So the recent we wrote that and some of the value can get creating your buyer personas is is it? Lets you really target and realize who you want market to, and it gets from the sort of spray and pre mentality. Just post anything for everyone and see what sticks, so if you know you find, cease lead executives. That's your buyer persona. What types of content and searches articles are these? These types of individual looking for, and that starts with knowing those buyer personas. So once you figure that out, you can reflect that in the meshing on your website. Maybe you really WanNa have a section on your website that talks about how you work with C..

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