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On january first eighteen sixty five the bushwacker continued to fight but by may thirteenth eighteen sixty five the war was officially over the south had lost in may of eighteen sixty five seventeen year old jessie road to lexington missouri to surrender and take the mandatory ironclad oath missouri required a former confederates in southern sympathizers it allowed them to stay legal free citizens but stripped them of their right to vote on his way into lexington jesse was recognized by union soldiers as one of anderson's bushwacker so they shot him in the chest in jesse's view he had been tricked and mistreated once again by the union abolitionists and that wasn't the only reason he felt that way due to the new voting restrictions on former confederates missouri was politically turning northern due to these new laws this was despite a large pro slavery pro confederate population injured now in both body and spirit jesse went into hiding and was nursed back to health by zeralda mims she was his first cousin on his father's side but named after his mother she went by z to avoid confusion despite being two years older than jesse z was enamored with his southern heroism and good looks jesse was sandy haired blue eyed in known to be quite charming to those he liked the to quickly became engaged jesse healed physically but the bushwacker is weren't ready to give up the fight the james and cole brothers reunited to form their own gang and hit the union where it hurt their newly formed bank system on february thirteenth eighteen sixty six the james younger gang committed the first armed bank robbery in history frank james cole and jim younger and nine other gang members stole sixty two thousand dollars from the clay county savings bank in liberty missouri.

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