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We missed the playoffs but yao. Ming didn't play. Twenty five games straight immigration played thirty five games. And that's kind story of the era right. The the rockets yao-ming tracy mcgrady eras. You had two guys who when they were playing were unstoppable but they stopped themselves because they couldn't play like they they weren't playing they weren't on the court And man that that those teams are fun. I mean you had rafer alston on this. You had a luther. Add on those teams chuck as john lucas. The third was on one of them. Mucci norris was on a couple of those acting irish said luther head but Grabbed her head. David wesley like and then you move onto. Oh six seven you got a little bit further and you can bring shame you go down another year you bring in. Aaron brooks ring in lewis skull. Who is all going to be hall of famer matombo. You had carl landry that body jackson. These are fun teams men and they were really really fun teams and the the the best part the best part of all of it and i got to the the the privilege i guess to be able to go to a few of these games Was the twenty two game win streak In two thousand eight so that was absolutely credible. Got snap by boston. And i think A few years ago the rockets had really long win streak. I think was like sixteen. Seventeen games that also got snapped by boston. We also lost to the finals in boston. Legs it's times. Anyone entity lot dons. And so it's it's it's just it's kind of the way things go go in houston but that twenty two game win streak man like there was heart. There was a lot of heart for those teams even though they they didn't make the They made the playoffs. Two thousand eight data loss in the first round but two thousand eight thousand nine this year. That i wanna talk about two thousand eighteen thousand nine. Who in the nba finals. That'd i'll be. The los angeles lakers. Los angeles lakers with With kobe bryant waukesha. The borrowed you know. Low lamar odom rockets around one. Go up against portland trailblazers. Now remember the portland trailblazers. That year it was brandon. Roy lamarcus aldridge. Greg oden at nicb. Attune jumpers bila rudy fernandez. Steve blake like this is a good team is a good team. They were fifty four twenty eight fifty three twenty nine so it was a very good matchup. Rockets win that series in six pretty pretty handle. I mean like ron artest on now. Medoro piece has great series. Yao-ming has a good series. Aaron brooks drop twenty seven in game one like they. It was we. We did pretty well in portland..

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