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Please ask one nine. Yeah reporting is they think it is know changing my Wendy Williams. At first I was trying to young like Anna Nicole. Now I'm like when you check out. There was probably thirty thirty year old grades angels. Of course no one over thirty absolutely at all those girls were twenty them me. There was no thirty year old. Boys Angel Tibet. Promise you do you know that. I'm not going to see anybody by name because I am turned into venom. Vixen girls yes network that and he didn't save them saves her. Yeah how did you? How did you make it through the Kayak? How did you become the last ending because you know what happened when she was a real person? Shot a soul using you firm. It's weird it's ironic that you're not because you set it up to be like. Hey this is the deal. I'm GonNa like you can use me. I'm GONNA use you and that's it. That was kind of a mutual benefit. Shell relationship and official. Ya Not using that saying I'm here for you and you're here for me and we have a beautiful love in. That's beautiful that's how it started but when it came a business there wasn't nothing mutual about it. It was me doing everything I could to promote them to help them to build them and you wearing. I wouldn't mind now. I would only benefit from it if we collectively became successful but the band and those guys were getting paid guy and you were in the band you play guitar. I play piano and I D J and I sing. Oh my gosh okay. Do you still do that now. A little bit. Yeah Okay but when we go back on tour it won't be an angel tour. But she's still be in the band. Yeah Linda I love that. That's John and Yoko or something like that Paul. Linda's very cute. I like that again because Yoga.

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