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To get all of our cannabis products from is madman. If you guys haven't heard of them before, they're basically like the apple store of weed you walk in everything is so nice. So put together everybody that works. There is so knowledgeable about absolutely everything cannabis related. You guys. I was such a dummy when I first went in there and they found me the best Indika the pen and it knocks me out like an Ambien. Thank God. So if you guys want to go check out madman in California, they have eight retail locations around Los Angeles, Orange County, and the San Diego area. If you go and tell them the lady gang sent you, you can get ten dollars off your first order. I also got a stock. Up on four suppositories which help with period cramps. It's the best thing in the entire world. So again, good amendment. Tell the lady getting sent you and get ten dollars off your first order. I'm Rita Foley with an AP news minute. An entire town is being evacuated in California because of fire. Idyllwild is east of LA cali-. Cal fire's Johncock says a fire in the San Francisco Bay area in the town of Clayton is also challenging. A couple of factors were contending with right now or the temperatures. And the wind is you can feel by today, the Trump administration is supposed to have reunited families separated at the Mexican border homeland security secretary Kirsten, Nielsen updated, lawmakers, Nielsen sure the lawmakers that the government is on track to meet today's court, ordered deadline for reuniting migrant children with their families as many as two thousand five hundred fifty. One children age five and older were separated from their families at the border. Earlier this year, Mike Rossier, Washington, a group of House Republicans pushing to impeach deputy attorney, general rod Rosenstein who oversees. As the Russian investigation. A man set off a small explosion outside the US embassy in Beijing. He was the only one injured. I'm Rita Foley lay.

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