President Trump, NPR, Freedom Party discussed on Weekend Edition Sunday


Good morning, stonewalling. Congress are Mara Liasson explores, what happens when congress issues this peanut, but no one shows up to testify in Europe critical European Union elections. This week will be a test for populist, far-right parties that want to change the EU from within and in a collaboration with PBS NewsHour. My report from Mexico on a new generation dreamers have been deported, or choosing to leave the US for new life in the country of their birth documentary on how Vietnamese immigrants kick started the mega US nail industry. It's Sunday may nineteenth. The news is coming up right now. Live from NPR news in Washington, I'm Amy held President Trump is tweeting. He is strongly pro-life with the exceptions of rape, and incest, but new abortion laws passed by legislatures in Alabama, and Missouri. Make no exceptions for those cases abortion is shaping up to be a key issue in the presidential campaign. NPR's tamra Keith reports south bend, Indiana. Mayor buddha. Judge is the latest democrat candidate to voice his opposition to Alabama law banning abortion after six weeks of pregnancy Buddha. Judge says the law and similar legislation and other states is out of step with most Americans even those in conservative states as if you would have an abortion rights litmus test for supreme court nominees if he became president, Huda judge said, you can't do it by setting up hypotheticals. But believe me when I say that the vision of freedom that will get me elected president, and that will be the basis for my interviews of judicial nominees would. Not leave room for the kind of salt on freedom. That we're seeing in these states to their raging battle over abortion will likely be a major issue in twenty twenty for President Trump and the democratic nominee whoever that ends up being tamra, Keith NPR news, the Austrian president says he wants the country to hold elections in early September. Carey Skyring reports from Vienna. The governing coalition of conservative and far-right parties has collapsed after talks with chancellor Sebastian coots, president Alexander van Tibetan said he wants elections as soon as possible. Because trust has been lost in one part of government. He was referring to the Freedom Party whose leader Heinz, Christian struck resigned over video in which office state contracts in return for political favors. The scandal comes just two week before European parliamentary elections, in which right parties are expected to do well, but the video widely seen across the continent could damage more than just Austria's file, right? Others have modeled themselves on the Freedom Party. One of the most successful in Europe. But it's record in both this past months has been marred by scandal. For NPR news. I'm Kerry Skyring in Vienna early projections from a referendum in Switzerland, indicate voters have backed tightening of gun laws to conform with European Union rules, the BBC's imaging folks reports opponents of the new gun laws described them as a diktat from Brussels, being forced Nonni, you member, Switzerland against its will this national identity with its long tradition of gun ownership almost they argued being undermined today's nationwide. Referendum shows voters think differently, they have overwhelmingly backed the new gun laws following their governments advice, the BBC's imaging folks Australia's Scott Morrison has secured another term as prime minister after a surprise sweep in Saturday's federal elections. His win up ends polls predicting a loss for his coalition government. I made me held in Washington, and you're listening to and. NPR news from K, Q, E news. Good.

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