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Future begins in just a couple of minutes. New from overnight a fifty nine year old band, and Volusia county is dead after his bicycle struck a car into berry sheriff's office says David Nolan was riding west on Paul by road and turned onto Bill boulevard. Then hit the passenger side. But northbound ramtruck investigators say Oklahoma used by Newland is believed to be factor in the accident. State officials now investigating parrot increasing cattle deaths across Florida with investigators focusing on one particular brand of feed the Florida times union reporting stay decker culture Commissioner Nikki. Free says no specific cause of cattle does has been pinpointed but stores in Florida and southeast Georgia are voluntarily removing from shelves producers pride to twenty percent old natural kettle cube manufactured by Perina animal nutrition. President Trump on Fox News last night, disputing a report in the Washington Post that he went to unusual steps to keep information from his five meetings with Russia's President Putin even from his own administration would I don't care. I had a conversation like every president does the president claiming his meetings with Putin are no different than with other world leaders majority of a new poll, hold the president and congressional Republicans mainly responsible for the partial federal shutdown blame for the shutdown is partly along party lines more unaffiliated voters, blame the president and Republicans only a quarterback the president's claim that there's a crisis at the southern border two-thirds oppose his declaring a national emergency to fund a wall, but support for border wall is higher forty-two percent in favor. Fifty four percent opposed. In the survey conducted last Tuesday through Friday by phone of seven hundred eighty eight adults numbers could be off four and a half percentage points plus or minus as ABC's Chuck season. It's nine oh three. A news ninety six point five WDBO were your child. Be ready for kindergarten at Chester broke.

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