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I have a feeling you are just going to love being immersed in the conversation we're about to have have I have a fabulous author on this show today WHO's able to allow the book to be channeled through Sir onto the page and it was fascinating to read this book called the second wave and I'm sure you are going to love it as as well. You can get it on kindle you can order it of course on Amazon so exciting to have Kerry hummingbird with me today carrier you in in mindfulness mode. Today I am in mindfulness mode and sometimes they call it might empty. Yes I do know mine. Empty can good evening. Well mindful tribe. Let me share a little bit about Kerry with you. Carry Hummingbird is a sole guide. A channel of an embodiment of White Eagle and white. Eagle is an ascended master who specializes in Rainbow Light activation in of human DNA Carey has served as a social activist a leader of both philanthropic philly. Can you know whatever that word is flop. Full Fillon throw us to be able to say that word like two minutes before the show started us and for over three decades. She's done all this activism and all this work she's the founder of the skills not pills IOS movement and host of soul nectar podcast Kerry inspires people. And when I say that I really mean it inspires people to lead their lives lives wide awake with an authenticity a passion and purpose so Kerry. What does mindfulness mean to you? Mindfulness to me Eh means being able to get mind empty enough to listen so it's like being still as much as you can be to become aware of what's happening not only in your mind but like in your body lake in your cells in your breath in the moment in the relationship relationship in the projection and the discomfort in the ICKE. That you're feeling are not feeling like it's like being able to kind of go through your life aware of all of that and not holding onto any of it at the same time and listening league listening to everything. There's a lot of listening to happen. And then there's a flow all that happens in that state so that was a lot of just said just like that. What do you think about that? I think that's awesome. I think that that I was fascinated when I was reading your book the second way because you started talking about how you went on a search for your grandfather and what does like why did you do that. What moved you to the search for your grandfather? It was actually. My grandmother will make sorry no no worries but you I felt this. Really deep inner alignment with native American tradition. And if you're watching me I mean I'm redheaded look like that right but I do have Cherokee in my lineage and I've just felt an alignment. They're like I feel an alignment with nature. I feel an alignment linemen with drums and drumming and like all the things you know the native American traditions. I just feel alliance there and I couldn't really explain that except that I have this ancestor right so I thought okay. Well I just need to get connected with that and I couldn't enter dimension because my grandmother back around the time of the trail of tears she could pass for white so you know she found a white man and married him which was her decision but as as a result we lost her name. We lost on the roles. I don't I won't even know how to navigate that how to find that so I thought okay. Well I'm GonNa find somebody that's really good at going beyond the veil like going through the fist dimension to talk to the ancestors and connect me that way and I don't think that I was is ever disconnected per se. I think it was just the I needed a bridge. I needed somebody to bridge me. You know into that next space so actually I went to the Cherokee village replica village in in Cherokee in the mountains there and I didn't actually get connected at first time. There was no success success. I asked around but I didn't really get anything but the second time I went which is two years later. I went with my sons. My grandmother had just died different grandmother. My stepdad's mom had died and we were coming back through and I said you know what I want to go back again. I'm going to try again and I did. I went to one person in the next president experts in this and I got connected with somebody who said a help you. It's fine you're uh-huh crying and you're really upset because by now I'm feeling like really like I. This is something missing and I need to find it. I need to get back. And he was. He would see that in so bruce was his name and he said okay. I'll be on the parking lot so I start walking out to go and wait in a parking lot is going to be fifteen minutes or something with my sons and I started walking away and I feel this like softball size piece of energy just like it got flung at me through the back of my head head by where your neck meets the back of your head there. Like there's there's a portal called the mouth of God. Actually which I did not know at the time I did nothing about that but I felt this energy come in and then all the sudden I could like see the trees breathing and I felt dizzy and like expanded and really weird you know so I sat down. I said I gotta sit down. I don't know what's going on with me but I need to sit down and that started like this. Six Year journey seven year journey of like integrating this energy. Like what is this and of course Bruce met with me you know and the whole time sitting there talking to him. I'm kind of chattering out about my story and is other voices saying to me too many any thinking. That's voice started to many thinking and I became aware of this chatterbox. Like just telling a story the Justice Ego itself and I became aware. There's other things saying no to many thinking so it was so interesting to me. It's been unpacking spending spending unfolding in on a packing of this inner awareness of what was that I came in. Who Am I now? Is it me is it an ancestor. Is it something I'm here in a definitely felt like something was healing. 'cause I started going into this healing I had to heal this part of me. That was now part of me. I had to heal this. So it's a lot of inter exploration is very fascinating. It's been a fascinating journey. It really is fascinating and I noticed that we have a lot of mutual friends. Because you have your show your podcast soul nectar and I notice. You've had Anita Sanchez on who I just also do. I just absolutely absolutely loved interviewing her and reading her book and an as soon as I started learning about you I thought you two are just two peas in pod. You're you just so connected yeah. She's amazing I love her very much and we understand each other greatly. Yes yeah yeah for sure. So tell us about Whitey. Go I mean it was fascinating fascinating reading about White Eagle in the book and how you stumbled upon White Eagle. Tell us the story. So White Eagle is started coming to me and waves like like through this healing process like the first step. Is this like this energy the back of my skull right which. I don't even know what that is but I can see the trees breath now. Another kind of different perceptionist actionist coming in. And then I started hearing this guide that was saying too many thinking who is this and I started becoming aware of that and then I started working with you know healers and clairvoyance and and I was going to energy medicine school so I was training with the four winds light body school which is a school of Alberto Vilar Aldo was doing training narrow and so we were already working in in self healing and modalities of aligning to your soul and things like that so during that process things kept coming up about what White Eagle White Eagle. This thought you know this. And it wasn't always the name White Eagle but it was like this indigenous Shaman medicine man inside of me that needed to heal this deep grief over the trail of tears like had made a decision that then it felt like the weight of the world was on him about this decision to hold peace because he was the peace chief and so all these waves have information. Start to come through and I'm feeling like there's tremendous amandus grief that seems beyond me like it just seems like it's too much for me I just can't my life can't be that screwed up is gonNA started thinking to myself 'cause for for a while I thought wow I'm really screwed up because I've got all this sadness and grief in anger and all this stuff on my own. I know we're all this is coming from. I know my life's been a little screwing I've tried to do. Some hailing understanding of that but this beyond that this seems bigger and I started realizing I started seeing him visions and then I started seeing him like doing drum journey during journeys and things like that I would see him in front of me. It was just. Give me the drumstick. Just let me Drum I. This is interesting staying And it's getting confirmed with all these psychics and people. I would talk in me. What is going on with this? You know who is this but I kept. I'm doing this deep healing and I even doing some writing which I didn't talk about in the book but I would do this automatic writing where I'd be like. Okay what do you want. And he'll be like I want my tribe I want I want my tribe. I want my tribe and I'd be like well okay but you have to lead the tribe. Are you ready to lead the tribe. No I'm not ready. So there is this back and forth in conversation that was happening with this aspect of self healing. It is like he was helping me hill. I was helping him because I'd had all this trauma and things things going on through my life so far so we are helping each other. I've had many mystical moments with him. Were it's like we were unifying together. Legs exit masculine and Feminine Together and then the part will really kind of blew. My mind was that I will back up until this part of the story and then I'll tell while the the part I think you're thinking about is that my dad died so my Stepdad Ben. Just a huge huge force of light in my life from the time I was five five and had been very traumatic before that but then he showed up and he put order to chaos and he just came in and master teacher really beautiful beautiful guide lovely a person and and he was the kind of man when he entered the room. Everybody wouldn't WanNa go talk to my dad. He is a kind of man if he entered the room. All the dogs go crawl up in his lap. You know he was Zac guy and you know everybody sort of crawled up in his lap. You know they all want to gather around my dad and he thought so. That was my dad and I just thought my dad's amazing so right about the time that I'm doing all this healing and I know I've got a big purpose. I feel it within me I. I know that I've got important things to do. I've gotta get them done. And I had this urgency about it like I gotta do it now and and maybe some listeners also have felt that I've got a big purpose. It's really important. I need to do it now. Wow like let's get the show on the road it has to happen. Tell me what it is. I'm ready to go..

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