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Real name and we also have a guest host with us today. His name is rachel. he's been a guest host before he was on the episode about bread crummy and the episode about dating inexperienced. So welcome back. Rich and congratulations. Rich just moved into his brand new house. He bought with his brand. New wife was brand new brand new year. Congratulations thank you so much. There hasn't been on that many awkward dates. This is going to be a good contract. You're going to be shocked. We're going to be entertained. Heidi a little background on her. She's thirty one years. Old originally from wisconsin then moved to denver. And now you're in san francisco and you've been here for a year having here about a year. And you're in the cannabis industry. She is the President of cannabis tour and the founder of puff pass and paint okay before we get into the power. What is canada's tour. Okay so canvas. tours is basically. We started in denver like almost five years ago when it became legal there and we do cannabis friendly lodging tours different classes and events and so i started puff passing paint. Which is a cannabis friendly art class which also started denver and then myself and my business partner started the larger the larger business which is candice tourists. That com you know. I just had this conversation with my boyfriend because we're getting more into non alcoholic fun. We'd national drug. But the thing is like i'm so much rather smoke than drink. Raise as right and it makes you feel better. You don't feel as crappy the next stay. You're not hung over I mean. I think i try to be really active everyday if i've been drinking the night before. I just feeling kind of snack the whole day so so why. Haven't you heard like a cannabis dating app. Allocate any day but there is. I don't remember what it's called. Yeah that would be. That would be really fun. I mean you'll have to wait and see after my experiences. If i should really be doing that. Show that's like the best idea for me. Able to hide the mutual friend who says she's had some crazy dating stories. In fact your friends actually look forward to hearing about your dating story updated. And so that's why we had to reach out to you but in your initial email You said guys. I've probably been all fifty dates. And since i moved to the bay a year ago and they ranged from anywhere from a man describing his best friend to me which turn out to be pet. Chinchilla named rupert okay. So that's just sort of it just like it was a rundown of all okay. I actually have a list here. Let me ask you okay. So there was that guy who okay. Let me first start off by saying that. I'm not just. I was listening actually to one of the last episodes and it was the woman who said yes to any date has done. And here's the thing. I don't do that. I feel like. I'm pretty selective. I talked to people usually for like a week or so. I i've been trying to ask. We've Julia actually talked about this..

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