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I tried to keep it low reasonable. WanNa make it out of lowest possible offer people so that's why the reimbursements focus very good very good. Now you know this is key in Dash when you think of of items from the perspective effective of of a medical device standpoint it's super affordable yeah and actually it's interesting because that's been potentially one of the issues the reimbursement they say it's it's expensive. Why should we what should we reimburse. Which is yeah something else? I'm telling you but you know what the stories are there. You guys continue to find ways to make it better and you're engaged in the patient. Groups in the policy groups technology groups oops. I know that a solutions around the corner so keep doing what you're doing. It's so so impactful so this is great and so now we're we're at at the point of the podcast Chelsea where where we do the lightning rounds. I've got a couple of questions for you. There followed by a book that you recommend listeners ready sure okay. What's the the best way to improve healthcare outcomes. I think I touched on this a little bit already but I think you know I love when companies say that the number one focus is the patient relationship patients but I think really hitting detriot of patient provider and the pair is really important so without being able to go to the payer and the provider patient you know you can hit one of those things but if you're not targeting all of them your system isn't GonNa go forward so I think really really having the focus of of creating usable. Everyone is an important focus huge and what's the biggest mistake or pitfall to avoid. I I think sort of piggybacks author but developing for a silo so just developing one of those branches into starting place but I think that you really need to we'll have the foresight of of where that platform is. GonNa go moving forward and also not make any assumption. That's definitely go make assumptions us. This is is gonNA work out like it makes logical sense. He really needs to do your research makes a Lotta Sense. And how do you stay relevant as an organization despite right constant yeah exactly I agree it. Yeah we're so in the weeds of that. Everyone's talking about innovation. It's about really is how you can keep pushing forward. If you have some products that you're sitting on for a while it's I mean there's always more that you can improve on and so for assets to constantly be looking. What's next. How can we make this better. Who can work with to expand this platform another way? You know constantly look. Do what's next and how you make it better. What's one of the area of Focus that drives in Paddock Chelsea okay so I know I said that unique to focus fun you know patient provider payer but for us I think really the most important focus for asses creating technology to going to create create meeting people change users lives. I think empathy is really the main focus creating a actually whereas the name and paddock had come around around and were based in Milan Italy and Cambridge Massachusetts and they named coming from the Italian word for love that what a great way to capsule the mission so these next to more on a personal note Chelsea. What's your number one health habit number one habit you did allude to the fact that I am blackhall and pretty addicted to Kyoto so I try to practice every day as a lot of fun. It's just you know getting out and doing something like that is important. Martin thing to keep you thinking wow that's awesome congratulations on the black belt attainment. That's incredible and what is your number one success habits. I think especially working in these small companies work life balance can be a challenge. I think really taking time for yourself and making sure that you're eating well and sleeping really edlund to success so taking time for yourself and making an checking in with yourself. Make sure that you're doing well because if you're not there people beautifully said totally. I agree with that. One got to carve out time for yourself. And what would you recommend the listeners Chelsea. I've been woefully inadequate at catching up on books lately I did start reading EP end which has been hugely popular passenger years pretty incredible books. I definitely recommend thinking that lately. I've been diving more into New Yorker Articles Gossiping Snippets I can so I can give some recommendations for articles. I'd be happy to do that sure sure so one that was really impactful for me. Last year. was by a local one day. It was sort of a macro overview of why adopt hate their computers is what it was called but it's about doctor burnout and the impact the springtime timing on these doctors especially for paddock super relevant for us because we're creating the technology. That's going to be adding a lot more data that they can be looking at is really important to focus on. Are we giving decisions. Along things look at or are we creating meaningful changes in the way that they're diagnosing and and helping their patients cities so it's a great article that I recommend just to get the high level overview of Dr Experiences and then There's two other ones that I've read recently. I'm not remembering the names of them right now but one of them was on become a cancer patient that came out just a few weeks ago and another one is on psychiatric drugs over prescription and sort of the withdrawal effects at that. I think the you know the New Yorker has some pretty incredible articles that are healthcare related so if you can find those long there and those are really more of an insight into people's I personally by the outside of it Yeah No. That's a great recommendation. I signed the New Yorker has been given but I think it's really great right right. I mean we have to take snippets where we can and and the Nice thing about New Yorkers that it's nice bite sized content and let's buffet today okay. That's what a lot of us are consuming. Some really great grin comes at my very millennial anther I love it. I I love it folks for all the resources and a full transcript of our conversation with Chelsea trend growth you could go to outcomes rocket that the health in the search bar type in in paddock or type in Chelsea see. At L. S. E. A. You're gonNA find all the show notes and everything we discussed there today. So before we conclude Chelsea I'd love if you could just leave us with the closing thought and then the best place where the listeners could continue the conversation with you shore at the closing thoughts is you know terror has been a seemingly slow mover and shaker. You know over the past few decades but I think that this is a time for real change with the advent of machine stand big data integrating more and more into all aspects of healthcare are moving so quickly that I think that we're all we're all in for a wild ride so just a tune love that and if listeners WanNA learn more work. Can they go to learn more about in paddock or continue to chat with you share well. There's actually though you can always go.

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