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To the story in nineteen eighty thirty four year old marcus west and lives with his wife twenty one year old elizabeth wesson and five children in san jose california marcus is bizarre religious dogma which included believing jesus christ was a vampire rob the family closer and closer to complete isolation as the years went on despite is self absorption marcus wasn't completely devoid of empathy late in nineteen eighty while the family was driving down the highway his second oldest son adrian had an accident this four year old boy was fiddling with the luck on the back door and accidentally opened it while the car was moving he tumbled out the door and onto the highway marcus pulled over and slammed on the brakes but before anyone could reach adrian a semi truck ran right over the boy after the truck past marcus rushed into the street to retrieve his son it seemed he had been clipped by some part of the trucks undercarriage but was remarkably not hit by the wheels marcus took adrian to the emergency room and stayed up with him all night he wept the boy and pleaded with the doctors luckily adrian recover without any permanent damage marcus frequently brought up adrian miraculous killer survival as a sign of god's blessings upon him and his family marcus truly felt he had been deemed special by god he believed he was he only one capable of accurately interpreting the bible as part of his status as god's chosen he worked hard at shaping the family to his specifications elisabeth gave birth about once a year and she had two more children between nineteen eighty and nineteen eighty two meanwhile marcus his relationship with a nineteen year old elo belly had not stopped in nineteen eighty two three years after their affair began he convinced elisabeth to allow him to take the relationship to the next level all he sent abella somewhat incoherent wetter inviting her to become a second wife and handmade to elizabeth marcus again compared himself to god to justify getting what he wanted he wrote in part he'll a bell you liz and all the children are my kingdom christ has many individual marriages but together they are his kingdom according to marcus since christ had many families in groups some people who were all a part of this larger kingdom it was appropriate for him to have many wives in his ideal world his kingdom would include all of his wives and their individual families hilla belfer her part was deeply deeply in love with marcus but she felt inferior to elizabeth she learned that if she agreed to be marcus his second wife she would also be expected to do whatever elizabeth asked she later said he cherished her and he didn't cherish me i was supposed to be elizabeth servant there's something my relationship with him was secondary dila bell declined they offer because she crepe more commitment from markets but she didn't break things off entirely she was still completely emotionally dependent on him she worried that if she stopped having sex with him or letting him borrow money that she would be left to raise her child all alone marcus cultivated elo bells insecurity by making sure she knew elizabeth was better than her another strategy of abusive men as psychotherapist michael for me go wrote this victim is also morbidly insecure she also has little sense of her own and social value but makes an effort to establish that value by losing herself to the demand for submission is can be a difficult state of mind to break away from about a year after declining to be marcus his second wife twenty year roll dila bill finally ended their relationship in nineteen eighty three she bought a car with the assistance of her brother and left california for good without telling marcus by marcus took ill bells departure hard he resented elisabeth for not allowing him to take his relationship with l a bell further early on he had been close to achieving his longtime fantasy of having multiple wives but he didn't give up on me idea he just learned he needed to be more more careful in the future not to arouse lizard that's jealousy ultimately marcus blame societal norms and the outside world for l a belt leaving he decided a separate his family from society even more with saved welfare checks and some lies to the bank marcus acute alone and brought a small tractive land in the santa cruz mountains about thirty miles from san jose the family of nine lives in a small reconstructed house on the land and there they spent long hours studying scripture with marcus at this point even elisabeth rarely left the property marcus frequently went into town for hours without explaining where he had gone leaving her with the kids this new change didn't last long however marcus failed to pay the mortgage end in less than a year by nineteen eighty four the house and the land repossessed marcus then moved his family to fresno california there they reconnected acted with some of the list of siblings none of them at seen marcus or lisbeth in ten years elisabeth sister lives in a duplex along with some of elizabeth cousins marcus his first child adair who he had with elizabeth mother rosemary also lift their after so long the siblings were happy to reconnect hard feelings had disappeared elisabeth brothers who had suffered the brunt of marcus abuse libbed on their own outside of a duplex elizabeth and marcus convince their strange relatives to let the move in downstairs none of the adults in the house had jobs after a few months the rest of the tenants past portions of their welfare checks onto marcus to pay him for home schooling the children he also led the entire family in bible study three times a week the rest of the family was inspired by marcus to undergo religious revival and they approved of his teachings he changed the diets of his nieces and nephews and made them dress in long modest skirts and as he discipline them by hitting them with the stick wrapped in duct tape no one complained less they face marcus's rafts he was the unquestioned leader of the house and after all these years elisabeth still believes he would leave the malta paradise acquaintances of the family at this time described the western children as a group of unsettling robots they didn't speak english spoken to never complained he cried andrew unfailingly polite they didn't seem like normal happy go lucky kids one friend of the family heard the children referred markets as master on several occasions as the years went on the family pulled their welfare scrape by elizabeth had two more children sarah fino and lease by nineteen eighty six when marcus was forty years old this her family total to nine children marcus continue to expand on his spiritual writings and focused most of his efforts on brainwashing the children his methods had much in common with other manipulative cults psychoanalyst stanley calf has said often cults set up a we they philosophy we have the truth and you do not marcus emphasized is sold session of spiritual truth on a daily basis the children referred to him as a second god or lord journey prayers he railed against the heresy an immorality of established religious groups like the catholic church had insisted he had a monopoly unreligious truth he was let's be only one truly listening when god spoke the next victim of marcus is abused was his niece sophie not she was one of their extended family who marcus tutored the daughter of elizabeth sister soon after her twelfth birthday in nineteen eighty six forty year old marcus began molesting stuffing she told her he did this all his daughters he claimed that society look down on it he was doing it for her good he said his daughters needed to know how to please bear to prepare them for marriage at the same time marcus segregated the boys from the girls he worried they would develop sexual feelings for each other and threatened his influence he gave the boys much greater freedom and the girls they could play outside while the girls had asked permission even go into the backyard even with his precautions and strict rules forty one year old mark is still still felt life in town is corrupting his kids in nineteen eighty seven he decided to move his family to the wilderness to cut them off from being purity's b outside world she now plan to purchase a boat which she hoped to sail around the world but this children one day that year marcus move to santa cruz with his children he also brought the children of elisabeth sister including so sina the sister didn't like marcus but felt her children would be better off in a stable religious environment she had been boxed out of her children's lived ever since she refused to abide by marcus's strict rules endless not aware of the extent of abuse altogether marcus elisabeth left fresno snow with sixteen children the youngest was two years old the oldest thirteen around this time marcus purchased a small house boat in santa cruz harbor he paid its former owner five hundred dollars per month using his welfare checks the deal is kept quiet as using his benefit money to buy the boat violated the terms of the welfare marcus convinced a friend he knew from church stony burnett to purchase the vote in his dame sixty arrangement would not be discovered owning the boat did not make us children's live and easier it was a small vessel and could only comfortably sleep for people the family of eighteen had asleep in shifts or else crowd together in unworkable worker believe packed conditions marcus's short term solution was to move his children into a dilapidated school bus that lay ended abandoned the lot near the harbor he kept the children working day and night to refurbish the bus would spare parts and tools he stole from hardware stores in time the bus was converted into a makeshift rv.

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