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Isn't it now what I referred to these people that rule our planet other engulfed by the disembodied. Spirit of these draper up till you in a column people of clay and iron that's why buy if you want ministries call clay and iron. My other website played iron. And that's why when you look at. Actually the council called the joy to council thirteen and Pindar which means a penis of Dragon. They rule earth Ursus ruled by these same beings. And that's why when you look at the secret agencies every secret grenade. CNN Earth is under what's called the two-day society and what's called project. which by the way completed by George Bush senior as a follow up to the tune of that planned in the nineteen thirties to put this together like the United Nations and eventually have world government a proxy world government behind the scenes to have the public flicked government? Do we call elected government which is a show game. I remember talking to Schneider into his friend John Fiala because I was actually John's doctor. You Got Particle disease from the sodium cooled. Nuclear reactors use tunneling worked for Bechtel Corporation. And they broke in one MM facility and it was a mockup of the United Nations if some of these beings came out and of course people don't understand that George Bush senior as well people have to understand what's going on our world is ruled by chance to mention in fact when he broke into one facility and In I believe it was in northern New Mexico John got into a firefight. In fact I talked to John Thune. Yeah and he got blasted in stern and he told me how they had to do a surgical treatment. It actually move. His term put a plastic tournament because he was a plasma weapon he did manage to shoot it. Back can kill it but people don't understand these things real and they're in underground cities they're all over the damn am place and are clamoring world government and people have to understand the globalist. That's why when you look at agencies like looking Nancy Pelosi in those other people doing their stuff now. We don't I basically Avatar. They're they're involved with human sacrificer involved with pedophilia and Nancy's as involved with Peta Gate and Pizza Gate Same as all his other secret orders are all involved. They're all demonic. They're all involved with transformational Eddie's and go to the sacrificial centers. Okay that's why I'm GonNa go to to Northern California to the Human Grove. They have the giant Al Mullick bottle which are ancient sacrificial druidic ceremonies Janis. They're sacrificing children were conceived. I'M MONTHS EARLIER IN THE NEW MON ceremony and actually put them on the owls of the of the arms. The I didn't have one. They make a sweet bread to the heaven. They call it and they actually put a sacrificial Carter Mine Sweet bread shaped and little boys and girls like gingerbread her bed. Babies burnt to ashes. They don't have a live baby to put a sacrifice to the to the AL.. God this is really going on people not imaginary. This is.

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