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Times in the same day two negative to positive that same test exact same laboratory. The fact of the matter is, is that all these people who said the testing is our way out? Well, we got plenty of testing now that that hasn't solved but no, Tony's right. The government just has to be honest with us. That's all we ask for is honesty and clarity. Yeah, that's gonna happen. 74 traffic weather on the threes. Once again. Here is check clinic They have brought in some heavy duty equipment out of the move this gravel from the roadway South bound 95 the accident before the bridge had route 100. The bank of started way early this morning was still dark. And right now it's just a single lane to the left. As you're coming south, the backup is back. From the airport cut off, probably back even to the Beltway right now. Haven't gone back through there and take another look major backup on 95 south of the city, and, of course that throws the heavy traffic now onto Washington Boulevard. And the BW Parkway that traffic coming south of the Beltway Now extra heavy through the area. So if you're on Route one and the parkway you could go down to 1 75 work your way back over to 95 year beyond the accident scene at that point, and you're good to go. Towards the capital Beltway. If you're in that area after the airport cut off, you got to ride it out. So when you see the bridge at Montgomery Road, you passed the ramp from 8 95. You need to be in the left hand lane at that point, but that is a long delay. And if you got to go potty You got big problems Self out. I'm Chuck Whitaker with traffic and weather on the threes. I'm just being honest Talk radio. 6 80 doubled you, C B Thank you for being honest. Yeah. Weather Channel forecast truck. Pull him over Partly cloudy today. Shower high about 52 right now, a little chilly start to the day, but the sun is up. And.

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