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I think because a lot of the other women in my friend group have had long relationships long engagements. So I was in no rush. And I was still sort of finding my footing career wise, so it wasn't like a huge priority. And he tricked me because he and the owner of the comedy club were in cahoots. It was like a regular Sunday Night show, and I was like, all right, heading off. And he's like, no, no. I'll come with you. I was like, you never come to shows, and he's like, yeah, but this guy is on the lineup, and this guy's on the lineup. I saw the lineup, and I was like, yeah, that's a good reason. And it wasn't until the end because at the time I needed an audition tape for a thing. And the owner was like, oh yeah, I'm going to put you up at the end. And I was like, oh, following these guys? He's like, yeah, yeah, yeah. The audience will be primed. You'll get all the laughs. It'll be great. And I was like, okay. But I went out there and did my thing. Afterwards, I was like, this is my closer. Yay, good night. And the host comes up and he's like, actually, sit tight. Someone has something to say. Oh, shit. I know. And I was like, what? What? And then, yeah, my soon to be fiance comes up and is like, yeah. So I have a whole no public proposals because what were you okay? You were okay with it. I'm not a crier. But I was weeping inside, but I was so taken aback. I was like, what's happening? And they found a seat for me to sit in in the front row. He does this whole thing. He does this spiel like material about how to find ring size without your partner knowing. And then turned around and was like, wait, so he did a bit before he asked. Yeah. And I was like, do I like this? I don't know if I like this. Oh wait, no, I like this. Good thing. Yeah, yeah. There's a lesson in this particular point, I think. Tookie had made a rule about dating comedians, but she was benefiting from him understanding her world. He knew how to use their shared background to surprise her. How to support her without getting in the way. In the past year, tookie has opened for Maria bamford, a comedian I love, at one of Boston's biggest theaters. She opened for Matteo lane at laugh Boston, where she's a regular. She was also cast as a lead in a movie. It's called salesman. It filmed in Boston in 2020 and had a big screen release here in 2022. Tookie and her husband are celebrating two years of marriage. After all those years of not fitting in, of being misunderstood, of being mistaken for someone she was not, the laughs took he's getting on stage these days, they feel pretty good. Doing that time and time again, even at open mics and then slowly but surely graduating to bookings, it was very much like, yeah, I'm here. I'm being heard and being

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